When to add the FP+

Can somebody please tell me -

Do I add the FP+ information into my touring plans, at the times suggested by touring plans, BEFORE I have actually made actual FP+ reservations? :slight_smile: Or, do I wait to see if I get the actual FP+ reservations before entering it into my touring plan.
I will be making my reservations for Sept/Oct 60 days ahead as we are staying onsite.

If I add my FP+ to my touring plans now, when I eventually get access to MDE to make the real reservations, how do others do this? Do you write it all down, or have 2 pages open on your computer?

Thank you for your help. :slight_smile: Still trying to understand all of this… but it will be worth it I’m sure.

I usually build my touring plan and then choose which attractions to add the FPP to, and then print that touring plan. Your Fast Pass selections will be in a nice, easy to find box towards the top of the print out. 60 days out, I log in and get the Fast Passes for the attractions that I choose and then change the times according to my touring plan.

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I do similar. I will make a TP and put everything in my ideal order. Then I will make FPs and tweak my TP if necessary.

Luckily my kids are still very young and aren’t into the attractions with high-demand FPs. Our trip is later this month and I’m still playing around with our plans - and FPs are still available for the attractions on our to-do list. I’d probably be better off if they weren’t available - then maybe I’d be forced to stop obsessing over editing plans. Ha!


I am fully obsessed… I don’t think my family ‘gets the obsession’ :slight_smile: They will have a great time… thanks to my many hours of planning. :slight_smile: I hope so! Coming all the way from Australia, so I really want to get myself sorted so that I get the most out of our holiday. Learning to use this site has been a bit of a mental challenge :slight_smile: :)… but I’m actually feeling like it is all starting to make sense. Thanks all of you.

One thing to bear in mind here is that the selection of a given FPP affects the desirability of subsequent FPPs. Say, for example, the optimizer tells you that Splash and Space Mountains would be good FPP selections. If you put in just Splash, you may find that after reoptimizing it has you hitting Space at RD so you don’t need an FPP.

So, to answer your question, you should reoptimize after entering FPP reservations to see what effect they have on your plan before actually booking them in MDE. Working with optimized plans and FPP reservations can be tricky, so check out Making Optimized Personalized Touring Plans with FastPass+ for a strategy and tips.

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I agree with @brklinck. Put the time of first in as if you got it reserved. Optimse and pick second FP and enter time. Optimse and pick your third and enter it in TP. Then optimise. Check it out for “errors” in free time column. You may find that after you think you are done, the computer tells you not to use one of the FPs. Make note or print plans for 60d FP+ reservations. If you could not get the planed times, keep trying or change FP time in TP. It is a tremendous amount of work, but worth it if your time is as valuable on rides as it is for us.

Dont forget to enter all the things TP doesnt have as drop down selections, like many meet and greets especially in Epcot.

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