When the touring plan says you dont need fp

I am making fp reservations tmrw and on day 2 of mk plan i added their normal recommended FP and it then told me they dont recommend using those as fp and gave no recommended fp options. It is a low crowd day, but I dont know if I should just reserve those main rides anyway just in case crowd levels rise? Do I not make any FP for that day?? Or make them and maybe cancel them if not needed or modify later?? Advise would be great, thanks!

My day is tomorrow also. If you are not park hopping, I would go ahead and make the FP reservations you have - I am in the same boat, but often ignore the recommended FP. If you are park hopping and going to a different park that evening, perhaps go ahead and make FPs for the second park - especially if they are tough ones to get. But still better to get them for first park and modify as needed. I was there in January of 2016 on a supposed CL 4 and it ended up being CL 7 - so keep those Fast passes

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I would always make them for the headliners regardless of what the plan says. If you don’t need them, no harm done, but I think it’s always best to have them just in case.


You said what I meant, but with way fewer words - good job:smiley:

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Always make the FP for your can’t miss rides.

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I make FPP reservations based on which reservations will give the greatest benefit based on wait time - see the below thread for my tips:

FPP are always great, even on low crowd days. I make them for my favorite rides (or the stuff I have never done before or the rides I want to ride twice). Even on a low day, 7DTM is still going to be a long wait.

And Space Mountain, and usually Jungle Cruise, and, PPF, and WTP, and, and, and…heck, I’d make a FPP for Aladdin if it would help my TP! Definitely make FPPs for headliners!

Are you not seeing any characters? No way I’d wait an hour to meet any princesses… although, there isn’t much I’d wait an hour for anyway!

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I agree with you! Even with no kids, meeting the characters can be a great experience. At DLR, we met with Snow White and she was just the funniest. Upon seeing my father, BIL and boyfriend (all over 6’2), she said: well now I feel like one of my dwarves! We took a picture and it was hilarious.

But with no kids, I won’t wait hours to meet no one.

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I always make FPP even if TP doesn’t recommend them. I will always make 1 for whatever the ‘most popular’ ride at the given park is that I am planning to do - then either whatever the longest projected wait time is - or early in the day, even if they aren’t really ‘needed’ then you can look for same day FPP later. Why wait even 15 minutes if you could use a FPP and walk on?

Thank you so much for all your help! Its been about 20 yrs since last trip and much has changed :wink:
Also, is it common to have a 20 min wait in emh at mk? I was planning on hitting 7dmt during those hrs instead of FP. But it shows a 20 min wait?! Should I wait and fp it vs trying to get in 8n emh?

The software is likely assuming that you are getting to the park right at opening time. If you are there earlier and head to the line for Fantasyland you will probably be faster than that.

I think it depends on how important riding 7DMT is to you and your family.

On the off chance you get there and the ride is closed, what will you do? The opportunity for FPP at that point is gone.

Riding 7DMT during EMH would not be my go-to EMH ride. I would find something else to do, and use a FPP for it later in the day. Then, in the event the ride is closed during my FFP time, I’d get an anytime FPP.

I plan on doing Tomorrowland during EMH… I really wish Adventure Land and Frontier Land were open during EMH!!

We are touring mk 3 days, hitting the main rides that our kids would like atleast twice in those days. Our last day is the only one with emh, but I never thought of hitting a main event in FP instead of emh. Ahhh I have less than 12 hrs to make adjustments lol. Thanks everyone for helping and offering such valuable advice :slight_smile:

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