When should I check in online?

Probably a silly question, but my trip is in two days and I don’t know when I should do online check-in. Arrival day? Today? Two weeks ago? :crazy_face:

Also, I have two separate reservations at the same resort. Should I check in for both at the same time? I usually stay off-site and I feel like such a newbie!


To clarify, I have two consecutive reservations because I couldn’t get all my dates on Hotwire. I already called the resort and spoke to guest services and they made a note on my reservation to try to keep me in the same room for both stays.

You can check in anytime after you make your reservation but do it now. You have to make sure you have a credit card saved and a pin. Also, let them know what time you are arriving.


I usually check in about two weeks ahead, once I was waiting to board at my home airport and realized that I hadn’t checked in yet. Did not seem to matter, two weeks or three hours.


Thanks! I will scurry over to MDE and check in right now. :white_check_mark:



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You can do it, but in all likelihood your room has been assigned so requests would probably not be looked at. Rooms are usually assigned 5ish days out.


Didn’t realize they assign 5 days out…which makes sense for when to use the TP request. When have y’all done the TP room request? 5 days? Something different?

TP faxes are emailed out 30 days before your stay.


[quote=“lizzieanne771, post:7, topic:76596, full:true”] Rooms are usually assigned 5ish days out.

Since they moved to centrallised room assignments, in Fall 2019, it starts 30 days out or so now. Which is why the TP email is sent 30 days prior to check-in day.


Thanks. That had not been made clear in the info when they went to the 30-day emails.

This is good to know. Thanks!

I booked last-minute (about two weeks ago) through Hotwire and then booked an extra night separately through the Disney website. I called the resort immediately after booking the second reservation to request that I be assigned the same room for both. I decided not to use the TP room request fax (might have been tyo late anyway, at two weeks out?) because I didn’t want a particular room/building request to negate my request to stay in the same room… :thinking:

For your next trip: you can delete the specific rooms and add both reservation numbers and your request in the email (it will be sent out within 30 day if you put it in then).

When you call you are calling a central line (not the resort) so the email can help.

Interesting…I called the phone number under the resort address on the CSR website and didn’t need to go through the rigamarole of the usual automated Disney first services numbers, so I thought I was actually calling the resort directly. :thinking:

Worud you still try doing the TP email at this point if you were me? My arrival date is tomorrow. :grimacing:

I have noticed in the past when Disney has assigned me an unusual room (like handicap accessible) I can see it the day before I arrive so I would say it is too late.

Okay, thanks! I guess I’ll just wait and see where I end up! :sweat_smile:

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