When should I buy tickets?

Hey, hoping for some advice!

I’m visiting in October (staying off site) and wondering when I should buy my tickets? I want to visit each of the four parks once (maybe HS twice). In the UK, where we’re based, it seems that the 14-Day Magic Ticket is the obvious option. Is this the best route and should I buy it ASAP?

Also, if I only need Genie+ for four days, can I buy them on a per day basis or do I need to get for the whole 14 day pass (at +£ 6.99 /Day £98 total)?


You can buy G+ for select days, but not in advance. I believe you can buy G+ starting at midnight for the day.

Cannot comment on UK tickets, but generally you would buy tickets when your travel dates firm up.

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thanks! What’s the per day cost? Assume buying on the day makes more sense.

The cost is $15 + tax per day.

There is a very comprehensive thread if you need more info on G+ :


I’d buy tickets as soon as possible in order to make park reservations.

I read on Touring Plan’s WDW Chat about a special offer for Genie+ (about half price,) for UK visitors. It may be connected with a room package. But it wouldn’t hurt to connect with other UK folks -

Just pop in and ask.

Scroll down to WDW Planning Tools, then click on WDW Chat.


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