When not to do park to park?

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I was wondering what others think of my question? I know the HE is the main reason to get it, or if let’s say, HHN is going on, and you went to IOA for the rest of the night. What if a family was visiting during a slow time, or when both parks closed at 6/7, would it ever be better to just do one park a day (probably three to four days)? I’m asking because the price of park to park has gone up in the past years, and if I was going by myself, I would probably be able to it. However, if let’s say it’s a family of four or five, the price difference is a lot. I’m curious others’ opinion.

Whenever I go to Disney I don’t do park hoppers because I’m never on site, and when I go, it’s usually with a bigger group, and we saved a lot.

The only reason I go to UOR is for WWoHP, and HE is a must-ride. Also, I can do everything I want to do there in one day, so it makes sense for me to do a park-to-park ticket.

If you’re ok missing out on HE, I suppose a one-park-per-day would suffice. But I would rather reduce my number of days than miss out on HE!


I never do park to park at Disney because it’s a bit of a hassle going between parks and you lose a lot of time. The parks at Universal are so close together that I like having the option of being able to jump back and forth between them, even if you don’t care about the Hogwarts Express. If money is a major factor, I could do without it, but I would rather save a little bit longer and have that option.


I think you can totally go without it. I only go park-to-park when one closes much earlier than the other. Even when I want to go on HE I usually just get right back on and return to my original park. (Since it’s a unique experience each way I feel like doing a round trip = a complete HE ride)

So, if the parks are going to close at the same time and you want to save money you do not have to get park-to-park

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