When is Topolino's taking ADRs?

We are to make our ADRs for a December 15 arrival on Tuesday, 6/18. We want to make ADRs for Topolino’s, but the reservations are not yet open. In order to plan the day efficiently (I have a mobility challenge, can walk, but slowly), we need to measure our steps and make the most out of what we can do.

Disney has no idea when the reservations will open for Topolino’s. Does anyone have ANY idea when this will happen?

We are really wanting to do this new signature restaurant, but may do a back up plan that includes the Candlelight processional instead. Since we’ve seen that, I’d rather do something else.


If Disney doesn’t know, it’s anyone’s guess!

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They’re booking now for 16 and 17 December. I just snagged a breakfast ressie :smile:


So, there was some pixie dust going around because those are the days I needed and for which I made ressies! Dinner and breakfast respectively. I SO can’t wait!