When is the worst time in the waiting for your trip?

I’m 18 days out and I’m in a (minor) funk because the planning is over and there’s nothing else to do now but wait. I’m voraciously devouring any Disney info (podcasts, YouTube, websites) to keep my spirits up.

I remember a similar funk earlier this year which got weirdly worse the closer departure day got, to the point that I almost didn’t want to go. Of course I had an amazing time once I was there.

Is it some weird psychological protection mechanism holding back your expectations so you won’t be disappointed?

When’s the worst part for you?

Right now is my worst time. My trip isn’t until March. It’s too early to lock in TPs and probably too late for certain ADRs. There’s just the wait time in the middle. Watching the CAD dollar drop and praying for a rebound in Feb or March.


As a compulsive planner I find the “worst” time is 3-4 days before the trip. It’s too late to make any meaningful changes and too early for the last minute stuff, like placing Prime Now orders. I spend that time printing out lists and stuff, getting started on my packing and cleaning the house (hate coming back to a mess).

I’m going in March also…love the planning hate the waiting! I’ve had our ADR’s done for a while, have reworked the TP’s so many times my head might explode, and have run out of things to read. SO one thing I did today while waiting, reading all of the posts on here, and finding out the water heater did NOT have to be replaced was to add one more night to our vacation!!! We always take super short trips because I can’t fathom the cost of a longer trip (in reality it works out the same I am sure!). This will be our first 4 night trip and I can’t stand the excitement!!! For the first time it feels like a proper trip!!! 3 nights at WDW 1 night at Universal. Who knows what I’ll do for the next few months!!!

I am about 70s days out from my next trip and this is a really hard time because I want to lock in my touring plans, but I’m at the mercy of fast pass availability which won’t open up for a few more days. I’m also super excited about my trip and wishing that I could go even earlier. Seeing all the information about the holidays at Disney really has me longing to go again during this time of year. It got so bad today that I looked at booking a flight over winter break only to reality check myself when I really thought through the cost of the flight, hotel, and food (I have an AP pass so tickets aren’t an issue) as well as the crowd level. Still, I would give anything to go next month!

I think the worst part is when your trip is over!

It depends on the trip-my first trip with DH and again with DD, my least favorite part was the first couple of days. Are they going to enjoy themselves? Was this a mistake? Did I marry the wrong man? :joy: (only slightly joking…what would I have done if he didn’t like Disney???)

Other than that, packing is my least favorite part. I have actually been known to break down in tears because of feeling overwhelmed.

I think the worst time is between 180 and 90 days out. My third trip within a year is in March and I booked in July. I booked my May 2018 trip in February and my Oct 2018 trip in July so there seemed to not be much wait after the flurry of planning. But waiting for March is soooo long. Before 180, there are lots of changes and ideas and then ADR day. Then it’s a looong wait until you can start doing TPs in prep for FPP day, which for me is still 47 days from now. I guess the holidays (and everyone’s holiday trip reports–ahem) might be a good distraction :christmas_tree: :santa: :gift:

And also there is always that time of days or weeks before every trip when I wonder if it is really the planning that is the fun part and whether I really need to spend lots of time and money and actually go or whether I could be just as happy planning a trip and pretending I’ll go. Is that completely crazy? Probably


I agree with you! the ADRs are done and now the long drought until it’s time to do FP. I’m occupying my time hoping there’s a discount for my horribly expensive room (probably more than twice what I have ever paid for a hotel room, and I’m a spendy vacationer).

I barely made it in under the wire, I think I started planning at about 200 days. Crazy, huh?