When Does Rise of Resistance Board Group passes run out

We will be arriving at Hollywood Studios after 11:00 am on February 11, 2020 and want to see Rise of the Resistance. Does anyone have information on whether it will be too late to get a boarding group or backup boarding group by the time we arrive?

You really won’t know that answer until it’s much closer, like that week. I highly recommend planning for the worse an hoping for the best… plan on being their 45 minutes before park opening, get inside and grab a boarding group, then do other things elsewhere. you have two hours to return when they call your group. So make that your plan, you can always adjust that if things change. I’m there feb 2-8 and planning on being there early.

Yes you will be too late. You need to be through the gates before the park opens in order to have a good shot at riding it.

Are you following this?

According to Steve’s table, right now, 11 AM is too late but that may change as you get closer.

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