When does Main Christmas Tree go up at Magic Kingdom this year?

Hi everyone! First time poster with a quick question. Does anyone have any inside info as to when the main Christmas Tree goes up at the Magic Kingdom park this year? I plan on surprising my wife with a 5-day trip to WDW sometime between the dates of Nov. 26th and Dec 15th. Since it is both of our first times, I want to make sure all the holiday decorations are up, including the main MK tree.

I think I read somewhere most decorations are up by mid-November, but the MK tree doesn’t usually go up until after the 1st of December due to parade filming, however the parade isn’t being recorded at Orlando this year.

Any and all info any and all info that can be shared would be truly appreciated!

Thank you in advance!

All MK decorations ( but not resorts or all parks) should be in place in time for the first Christmas party ( early November).

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We went the week before Thanksgiving and it was up.

If you want to see all the parks decorated I would wait until after Thanksgiving though. We were a little disappointed last year. In 2016 all the trees were out (same week) and our hotel AoA was decorated and then in 2017 only MK was fully decorated. We went back to AK mid week and they had added the tree, but if we didn’t go back we would have missed that. This year we are headed there in December so we can see everything. Especially looking forward to AKL being decorated since it wasn’t last year. Oh and if you have kids and want to see Santa he’s at DS and Epcot after Thanksgiving.

Thank you for all your help everyone. It sounds like that we should be good for the week after Thanksgiving. We are shooting for the dates, Nov 27th - 30th for a Park-A-Day (but with Hoppers).

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I went November 4-8 last year and it was up already!

Funny story: I went to see Rapunzel and I asked her: where is Pascal? She told me he was hiding in the giant beautiful tree that was just put up.