When does breakfast end?

Just wondering when breakfast ends for most quick service (not table service) joints at WDW? I can’t find hours anywhere. It’s not breakfast all day there is it? That would be magical…

Do you mean resort restaurants or do you mean a specific in park restaurant (although I can only think of BOG). I always search for the restaurant and the restaurant page has daily hours.

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For example - we want to try certain breakfast items at Woody’s lunch box but don’t know if we will be there in time - arriving around 11:30. I’ve scoured the WDW website and many other places, but can’t see anywhere the time when they stop serving breakfast items. Does anyone know where to find the info?

According to MDE, breakfast at Woody’s is 9am-10:30am. I would be shocked if you could still get breakfast an hour after the breakfast hours end (and 45 minutes after lunch begins).

Thank you! We’ll have to figure out our plans better if we want to make that work. What is MDE? I would like to look up other times for other places.

My Disney Experience.

Technically it’s the Disney World app. I just searched Woody’s Lunch Box and it came up. Then tapping it, it showed the hours.

Thank you!

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