When do you receive your MBs?

I’ve been to WDW several times since MBs were first
started but wasn’t sure how soon you receive them. Is it usually a certain amount of time before your arrival day or right after reservations are made?

On MDE, you can select your MB color and have a name printed on the underside. In there they will have a deadline to make these selections, your MB will ship a few days after that. I’ve had about ten, over several trips, arrive at 30 days.

We got ours 3-1/2 weeks before our trip…

Is it strange that I received our MBs over a year before our trip? I logged in and sort of played around with the diff colors/styles that were available and put in names for each but didn’t finalize anything so I thought. I still wanted to ask my kids which color they wanted. Next thing I know I have MBs in my mailbox. Just wondered if anyone else has received theirs that early…

If you’re from the UK you never receive them.

Well, you pick them up at the hotel when you arrive.


Yes it’s strange. You are supposed to have until 30 days (?) before your trip to customise them. In fact I think it’s a calendar month.

Any idea then why I received ours over a year prior to airrval date?

Would Disney send different ones if I requested for free or am i stuck with these? My prob with the ones we were sent is they are all same color so it’s going to be hard to distinguish between MBs. I know I could buy diff ones but don’t consider that an option I’d entertain.

What does it say on your customisation page?

I think you should call them, not sure you’ll find the answers you need online. I’m very curious too now.

So the particular MBs that I got are a part of the package I have and the MBs are limited edition MBs.
They were sent early so that they could potentially be used as Christmas gifts… can’t change them without purchasing them

Same for us here in Canada!