When do you complain about a less than stellar experience?

I know the answer will be different for everyone but I’d like to gauge what people think.
I checked into my OKW room yesterday (Thursday) and checking out on Sunday.
We have a studio.
Last night the sound of the AC kicking on and running woke me up several times. I don’t recall it ever being loud like this when I’ve stayed in the past. In addition to that, I was also woken up by the run Disney 5K this morning (does anyone know the route because it sounded like it went through my room), and there’s two more races this weekend. I know I can’t really control the race or the course, but the icing on the cake is the construction in the building next to ours.
I am in a studio corner room and I literally was woken at 7:01 am to a guy outside my balcony cutting metal with a saw.
Now, I’m already rounding the corner on night two here and I am going to just suck it up because it’s pretty silly to ask to change rooms when I only am here one more night, but I’m seriously contemplating talking to the front desk about how horrible my stay has been.
I’m not one to usually complain, but this has been ridiculous. Am I overreacting?


I don’t think it’s overreacting to complain in this instance - particularly with construction noise and the AC.

If you don’t want to move, the approach I would take would be complaining to the desk - in a more informative manner - so they don’t put someone in there after you.


If you feel like your stay was not up to par then you should :100: feel okay bringing it to someone’s attention

Re:central air units, last stay I noticed that in the “wrong” room you would absolutely hear up to four units kicking on and they are not quiet. I will assume you are on the first floor and got one of these rooms

Re: race - it is a lot at Epcot and you are super mega close to that where you are bum not surprised you could hear it. I don’t know if that’s a valid complaint as much as something to be aware of going forward.

The sawing at 7am is unacceptable except if it was some kid of emergency repair.

They should be aware of your experience so they can make it right for you, whatever that looks like, and so that they can make it right for others in the future.

I don’t know if I would complain. But it’s well with in your rights to inform them and I support that.

What I don’t support is people complaining for the purpose of getting something substantial for free. Not saying that’s what you’re doing. Just sharing my opinion in general


I am on the second floor, and it’s in my room- basically coming from the vent above the closet.

The whole building next to us is under construction. I asked one of the folks at the front desk if they expect construction on Saturday/sunday (as it was the weekend) and was told that they have no idea as it’s a contract and they have to finish by a certain date.

I really didn’t know about the race weekend, and I get I have no control over where the races run. I guess I just didn’t expect a guy yelling in a megaphone at 5 am :sob:

I would never try to be a type of person who is a jerk in the hopes of trying to get something free, but I do feel like they shouldn’t be letting this room be occupied- in fact this whole side of the building.
It’s not been very magical!


I don’t think that you are.

I’m sorry it hasn’t been a great stay


This is all sad! Some of these things are out of the hotels control- like the race. But 7am is too early to be doing construction when guests are that close. Either keep part of the resort closed or give guests an option to switch resorts- letting them know that construction could start as early as 7am. I don’t keep up with OKW that much but I must have missed they were doing renovations.
The AC noise is a roll of the dice. I’ve had quiet rooms but the room 3 stays ago- maybe Pop, it was SOOO loud. Click, vroom, bump.


I know that 7 am is standard operating procedure in many places for construction to begin. Our neighborhood has been under construction for several years now, and literally the second 7 am hits, the sounds begin. They aren’t allowed to before then, so the construction crews arrive ahead of time so they can get started right at 7. There is also a time they have to be done by… can’t recall off hand.

Not sure what the rules are specifically there in Orlando area, but sounds like it is the same. Not sure there is anything Disney can do about that since they contract out the work…but usually they are pretty good about letting you know ahead of time if there will be construction going on when you book.

Two words: sound machine! (Or more words…white noise app on your phone ). It can help drown out unwanted sounds, at least somewhat.


Sorry about your experience! These are totally valid reasons to talk to management about, whether in pursuit of compensation or just as an FYI.

Are they really having another race this weekend? It seems like the marathon was not too long ago!

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This is usually my stance. “Are you aware that the AC in Room #*** is too loud to sleep thru?”
Also, same with the 7am sawing. “Wanted to let you know there was construction noise at 7am.”

I’d let them know tomorrow. On my December 2023 trip, on Sunday evening I got a BG1 for Cosmic Rewind for Tuesday to make up for a Disney snafu.


I have stayed in multiple Disney resorts under construction. At the GF we had a construction wall and staging right outside our balcony. I am an early morning walker. I have always seen the construction crew arrive around 7am but I have never heard them at that time. They have always done roofs, outside stairways, washing, after 8am. I would send an email about this.


Thankfully no construction this morning. So I’m hoping I’m in the clear for Sunday. I guess I just would’ve like to have been warned or told about y and given the option of a different room. I don’t recall any notices about it like they have on the GFV DVC booking site .
For reference I attached a picture. Our room is top left and the building construction is on the


I always say something - not in a complaining way. I think if I were in charge, I’d want to know about how things are. Are people following the rules. Is maintenance required. Has someone done an awesome job. So I let someone know.


I understand your frustration with the disturbing experiences during your stay, @Jsanta26. It’s completely valid to feel unsettled by the noise from the AC, the run Disney event, and the construction nearby. While it may be challenging to change rooms for your last night, sharing your concerns with the front desk can help them address the issues and possibly offer some form of compensation for the inconvenience. Your comfort and enjoyment during your stay are important, so expressing your concerns is not overreacting.