When do the Christmas decorations go up in the World?

Hi all … my family and I are in the world from October 27 till November 11th … will we see all the Christmas decorations around the parks or is this too early ??

The first Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party is on Nov 8. Which means that MK will have changed over to Christmas decorations by then. Other parks should be happening around a similar time frame.

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Yes the decorations at MK would be up almost over night after the last Halloween Party and in time for the first Christmas Party, November 8
Also HS would be up by November 9 as the Jingle Bell Jingle Bam would be around that day.
We will be visiting MK on November 8 (Party) and HS on November 9😊
I think also some decorations at AK would be up late that week.
And the Christmas tree trail at Disney Springs
Maybe some of the resorts also.
I can’t wait until our trip in 37 days.


November 18th is the first day for the Holidays at EPCOT so it should be decorated by then. I know they will wait until Food and Wine is over. Resorts are hard to tell. I have been there in late Nov and not all resorts were decorated yet.

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30 days for us and we are incredibly excited for our first ever trip :crazy_face:

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The resort decorations were going up the week of Nov 17th the last time we were there. All of the park decorations were up by then.