When do room bookings open up?

I’m considering adding some days at Universal to our January 2024 trip to Orlando. I just went to check out room prices, and it wouldn’t let me see anything past 1/7. Does anyone know when bookings will open up?

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Use their old reservation page here:
(You can always book around 18 months out using this site)

P.S. I’m happy to hear of your Universal plans! :grin:


Thank you! That works!

Holy crap Universal is cheap compared to Disney!! I now have 3 kids that are at least 44", so it seems a little more worthwhile to go.


Am I right that Hard Rock is the most centrally located hotel? Or is one of the other two premier hotels a better choice?

Yes Hard Rock is the closest to the parks and CityWalk, especially to the USF entrance. Portofino is pretty far, and sometimes there is a wait to get on the boat. Royal Pacific is medium, but pretty close to the IOA entrance.

Hard Rock is a great choice for you. If you do Volcano Bay, you would just take a bus.

Any Kid’s Suites available for your dates?

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We travel in a pack of 8, so I’m looking at the 3 bedroom suites.

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But those Kid’s Suites do look really cute. DD6 would live on that stage!

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Ended up booking at Portofino Bay!


We took a boat over to PB just to check it out back in May. It is an absolutely lovely resort!

The one thing I will say is that while we were hanging out along the water, listening to the music, we did feel out of place in our park clothes. Most of the people seemed to be a little more dressed up. Ladies were wearing sundresses, men wearing collared shirts, etc. Not universally, but enough that me in my tank top and shorts made me feel like I didn’t belong (similar to how I feel when I enter the Grand Floridian). This may have just been because it was evening, and only in that waterfront area. But something to be mindful of!

I’ll be curious to read your experience actually staying on site.


I recently discovered the Lowes app gets you to the booking too!


You’ll have a blast, three pools, and some great restaurants.

Also remember you can POOL HOP at Universal! Head over to Hard Rock!


Awesome! Thanks for the intel!