When do reservations open for Pixar Play Zone?

I just tried making a reservation for my DSs at PPZ. It’s 104 days out and they said they don’t see any availability. I’m wondering if maybe the reservations aren’t open yet and if that is the case when they will open up.

Unh!!! Just got off the phone with Disney and was told that the PPZ is going away and it’s being replaced by Captain Hook’s Pirate Cruise at the Beach Club. It runs from 5:00 to 8:30 PM and you can start dropping off at 4:30.

My DSs are not going to be happy that they don’t have PPZ arcade time anymore.

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Is this like the morning cruise where they sail on a boat & look for treasure?

It sounds like it, but with a meal too.

Is it open for reservations?

Yes. I just made one today for June.

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How much is it?

I had just heard that PPZ was going away but had not heard about the replacement. I don’t think my DGD will care what the theme is, she just wants to have some “alone time” during our trip. Going to the Kids Club was the first thing she requested for this trip. :smile:

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I guess this makes my question about how strict they are about the ages sort of meaningless. Good information though.

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Yeah! Just made my reservation for June. Last thing I needed to book for June.

It was $58.58.

Thank goodness for Liners. CM didn’t know about it yet but found it because I had the exact name of the experience.

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There is another rumour about something at the Contemporary.

Along the lines of an escape room experience and/or scavenger hunt. :open_mouth:

Not sure who would pay for their child to be running around a resort, how on earth would that be supervised? Can you imagine an 8 year old sneaking into Chef Mickey …:smile:

And an escape room? Not sure if news of the tragedy in Poland (I think) made the news over in the US, but it’s unfortunate timing if this rumour turns out to be true.

I really can’t think this would be for kids as young as 4.

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Disney just doesn’t seem the right place for an escape room. Ick.

I had a CM on my first call who didn’t know anything about it either. She just told me there was no availability. On my second call I got a different CM who told me all about it.

I thought I was going to have to call back but, because I had the exact name (thanks to you @tjkjbarton), I was able to book it. My DGD will be excited to find out.

@Nickysyme - I am sure that an escape room would NOT work for my DGD. It might be a good experience for teens but definitely not little kids. And the scavenger hunt sounds like it could get out of control really easy.

And what did she tell you. I would appreciate any details you can provide as I can find n o information about this online.

What number do you call. I believe that it’s not the same number that you call for a room reservation.

(407) WDW-PLAY/ (407) 939-7529 is where I was actually able to make the reservation.

She said it’s Captain Hook’s Pirate Adventure. The kids will go on a treasure hunt and have a ride on a boat. They will be given dinner back at the club. It’s in the old Sandcastle Club location in the Beach Club near the Market. The program starts at 5:00 and ends at 8:30. Kids can be dropped off starting at 4:30. That’s about all I remember.

Thank you! So to your knowledge, there are no characters?

I don’t remember her mentioning characters, but they did name it Captain Hook’s. I know that they have Captain Hook, Mr. Smee and Peter Pan at the Pirates and Pals Fireworks Cruise, so I guess it’s not unheard of at an event like this.