When do Magic Bands ship?

Hi - I’m based in the UK but visit the US quite frequently for work. I am considering asking for my Magic Bands to be shipped to the office in the US and collecting them on my next visit so we can configure them ahead of time.

We are visiting WDW in August and have made hotel reservations already - anyone know roughly when the bands would ship ?


They should ship very shortly after the “last day you can customize” them in My Disney Experience. That’s generally in the neighborhood of 4 weeks out from your check-in date.

Rats - that’s not going to work then !

But thanks for the answer !

What do you mean by “configure them ahead of time”?

There’s nothing to do ahead of time, other than customise them which you do online. They will then be waiting for you at the resort.

The only drawback would be having to go to the resort first to pick them up, but you could just go to GS at a park and collect your plastic tickets for the first day.

So I don’t think you are missing anything by not being able to collect them from the US office.

I already have a MB I bought and used last year. Can I use it during my upcoming trip and ignore the free one?

As long as it’s still linked to your MyDisneyExperience account and listed as “Active” you can use them virtually interchangeably. Both will have access to your tickets, room reservations, etc.

That’s the long way of saying “yes, you can.”

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Ah - the thing I’d missed was that the plastic tickets are also valid even with Magic Bands ! I was trying to avoid having to collect the Bands on day 1 when we would rather be in the park - but if I can get in with my plastic ticket on day 1 that’s no problem !

Thanks for the clarification

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