When Disney Reopens

Have a trip scheduled end of May when we go every year. I believe it will not be a problem then, but wanted opinions on crowd levels being more or less than what we usually have. Secondly when it reopens do you think all rides and times will go back to normal or some rides would not be available. I am guessing that if it has been open for a month things would be normal…if a week or a few days how would that affect all rides

We aren’t scheduled until December and I am also wondering about crowds. Historically early December has lighter crowds and I wonder if people may be pushing vacations out until then.

But also a large portion of people changing trips will be those on spring break, so perhaps it will mainly affect those who go during school breaks.

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we try to go immediately when school is out so to try to beat the rush…its usually not to bad crowd levels of 5 to 7 busier the later in the vacation Not too hot even though its more humid and hotter where we live

Yes! We did a late August trip last year with the reverse effect - crowds were heavier earlier in our trip and lightened as the week progressed. That slight advantage of some having already started made a noticeable difference. We just capitalized on the single extra week of summer break our school has.

So this has never happened before. Your best guess may be accurate. So might mine.

I don’t mean to be flippant but there is literally no answer to your question except to say that many people will reschedule for later in the year, so I don’t expect crowds to be less.


I am going at the same time and have been wondering about the crowd levels myself. I’m concerned that college aged kids who were going on spring break will go right after school ends; end of May. I think we should be fine with younger ages though since they typically don’t get out of school until June and I don’t see parents taking them right before school is officially done.

I hadn’t thought about rides and times not being back to normal, but that too I think will be fine. I’m sure Disney will be looking to get things back to normal ASAP.

My biggest fear is that Disney is still closed at that point and all my planning would be out the window. My older son will be starting a summer internship the week after we get back, and trying to reschedule would be hell.

I totally agree with your observation.
I am leaning towards a lower traveling population in the coming months. Both for people impacted economically by less work / hours, but also by residual concerns of being in large groups. Also when will Europe travel ban be lifted, allowing that large population of Disney visitors??

Not counting people on this thread and others like it … Disney trips are likely lower for the general population. Disney lovers see this as only a mild set back. Not sure the causal Disney traveler will feel the same.

I’d love to see a post by the TP guys what happened in crowd levels in 2008, 2009, 2010 after that global economic turmoil.

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There is a lot that has never happened before happening at the same time right now!

School schedules might be affected. Savings might be affected (stock market). People having enough money to spend on Disney might change (depending on how this will affect the economy). Psychological factors might change, people might end up more afraid of germs, travel and large gatherings, depending on how this thing plays out.

People might also flock to Disney as soon as possible after being bored of staying so long inside, with no other bad consequence.

I am really hoping for overwhelming crowds as soon as Disney reopens, and that they last the entire year.


Like others have said, nothing like this has happened before, so everyone’s guess is equally possible.
Personally I think our closest comparison is looking at what happened following 9/11. Overall park attendence was down for a long time… Swap out fear of terrorism for fear of contagion, and the economic factors are probably pretty similar. I think the diehard fans will probably reschedule for later this year, but a lot of people will just put it off for longer, or just cancel it permanently. Especially bc this has the potential of reactivating when winter comes around again, just like many other viruses.
We have had a trip planned for the sweet week in early December, and barring a major issue (like job cuts) we’ll still go. I just told him it may be more crowded than usual, but at least it won’t be hot and crowded!

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My guess is crowd levels will be about equal anytime you plan on going. Some people will move their reservations while others will cancel all together due to the hardships that are happening to the economy

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Because that would mean the pandemic was not as bad, and people are not so afraid nor economically hurt :slight_smile:


Well, then I agree! as long as the overwhelming crowds randomly avoid the week I’ll be there :wink: