When can I book Topolino?

Totally agree with this and I don’t like it!

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Yes there is virtually no movement anymore. I used to be confident that I would get what I needed/wanted by res finder if I wasn’t successful on ADR day. Now that it’s rare that res finder or I am able to find anything at all inside of 60


When we arrived they had us wait in the bar area. I think they were trying to socially distance people waiting for their table. We were invisible to the characters. That was fine since we were waiting on a table. But would have been annoying if we were paying character-meal prices from the bar. We were antsy and were standing up holding our water glasses at the entrance to the bar.

I have no idea what a leading reservation even is :sweat_smile:

Ok… I did some research on leading reservations. What’s the difference between booking a whole new reservation/separate hotel room vs just extending the reservation I have now and then modifying the reservation?

Oh sorry, that’s a good question but I don’t know the answer
(I’m actually quite a noob at all of this online ADR stuff)

A whole new reservation is easier than modifying thanks to Disney IT. Even when you modify, you are really cancelling and then getting a new one. I’d hate to put my real reservation in jeopardy. But cancelling is easy.

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