When best to use FastPasses

We will be heading to Disney World the second week of June (Tues-Fri). Our plan for MK is to be there first thing in the morning and then head back to the hotel for a few hours around lunch time. (1 p.m.-2 p.m.) Relax by the pool and hit the park again around 6 p.m. Is it better to try and grab Fast Passes a few hours after opening (say starting after 10 a.m.) or try to schedule them later in the evening after 6 p.m.? Or does it really matter.

Opinions vary.

If you use them early you can get more for later in the evening.


If you want a parade or Wishes FPP, then that is the plan because you won’t use them all until too late to get more.

It really does depend on what you want.

Your plan sounds good, especially since you’ll be visiting in the warmer time of year and the park will probably be open relatively late. For Magic Kingdom, since there are so many attractions that offer FastPass+, I’d use mine in the morning and then get more at a kiosk for the evening. You’ve probably heard that the Anna & Elsa meet and Seven Dwarfs Mine Train are most likely to “sell out” in advance, so if those attraction are part of your touring plan, then you might getting stuck taking whatever time is available (though I’m guessing you may be staying on site and thinking about what to book as you near your 60 day window to make FPP reservations). Peter Pan is also such a low capacity ride that there aren’t many FPP available and large lines build early in the day. Otherwise, you should be able to find FPP for popular attractions at the kiosk for later in the day.

It is possible to work around not having FPP if you arrive for rope drop, so if you really want to use them for a parade or fireworks, then you could do so. For me, I’d rather have more FPP.