When are they going to remove the pointless glass barriers in the queues!?

Why they ever put up those dumb glass barriers in the queues is beyond me! They are only on certain portions of queues, the people directly in front and back of you aren’t behind glass, and then they cram you all into a room together with no barriers between you anyway! So, what’s the point? Example… Tower of Terror.

They really need to spend the overnights removing them. They are pointless and mess with the theming!


Agreed, but it’s a PR situation. Things like that gives them the appearance of safety that they can tell guests / press about. Expect them to be up until they decide to remove all COVID restrictions, like indoor masking

Based on the limited information we had about spread early on, the barriers were a prudent decision in order to earn the trust of park-goers. Once up, however, there hasn’t been a huge need to remove them. I think they will, eventually…but not likely until the general consensus is the pandemic is effectively over.

While I prefer things without the barriers…the only ones that actually bother me were the ones on the rides like on LWTL or KS, where they kind of interfere with your ability to see.

Agree with this one. They were always stupid creating even less airflow


It really bugged me on KS. I’m outside. Let the airflow and blow the Covid away and the sun kill it. Really stupid on that ride plus it made it claustrophobic, hot and hard to see.