When are the Universal tickets cheapest?

What time of year does the ticket prices drop, open to plan for universal next year and would like to save money on tickets

I have not been to UOR in a long time and I don’t know of any pattern, but FWIW:

Last night I saw an ad on television for a buy 2 days get 2 days free, and see they have those on the reseller sites. (UT is $269.95.)

Plus on the off chance you might be looking at a couple of trips, I also see that they are adding 6 months free to some annual passes.

I am not aware of any time that prices drop, but, as @JJT pointed out, there are periodic ticket promotions you can keep an eye out for. I’m not sure if they appear at any specific time.

I have heard that Visitorlando sometimes has Black Friday sales on the theme park tickets. I was going to wait till then to see if it makes a difference.

Last year, I waited to order my Universal tickets until Nov. 27th (Cyber Monday) and they were slightly cheaper than before Black Friday. (It was a Black Friday through Cyber Monday sale.) We used the tickets in February.

Can’t say that it was a huge savings, but it was a savings, nonetheless.

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Thanks! - I’m planning for 12 people using Cdn dollars so every penny counts!

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Since you are Canadian, does anyone in your group of 12 have a CAA membership? They sometimes have discounted tickets that can be a good deal.

Funny you should ask that!

I’m doing the planning for my family and I had my B-I-L that is driving down to Florida from Ottawa, join the CAA in order to get the WDW discount ($9 USD savings for 6 day Base ticket) only to discover AFTER he had joined at one of the Ottawa offices that the CAA for Eastern and Northern Ontario is a TOTALLY different organization from the CAA in Southern Ontario and thus we weren’t getting any additional discounts. The various CAAs negotiate for themselves but they don’t say this upfront on their website.

This is really frustrating because we cottage not too far from Kingston Ontario which is considered part of Southern Ontario.

You win some and you lose some with planning.

That would be so irritating! :rage: He should probably still check about the tickets for Universal. We did get a pretty good discount on our tickets this summer. Of course, we are in southern Ontario!