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My friend has put her back out and is now pleased that she can sit as she had been in bed for four weeks. She thinks hat she might have to have a wheelchair when they go to WDW next week.

Please could advise what sort of wheelchairs (electric/push etc) they have at WDW, how much they cost and if there are any companies that you can recommend where she can hire one that would deliver to CBR.

Thank you

Here’s the official Disney page for Wheelchair rental:

And for Scooter Rental

And at the bottom of those pages they list the official outside vendors you can also use. I’ve seen lots of reports from people using Apple Scooter which will deliver to the resort, but there are others listed as well. Hope that helps.

It does. Thanks

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DW rented EVCs at each park. They’re your basic no-frills models. Battery life was an issue on two days. In EP it died in Germany (took almost an hour before they got a new one to us; I was NOT pleased). Also died in MK near the JC; “only” 30 min to get a replacement. Both days were at about 4:00 PM. Have not had that issue on past trips.

I don’t know if this is still true but in 2009 my son needed a wheelchair following knee surgery just prior to WDW trip. We were planning on renting a manual chair at the parks but our resort- POR, gave us one to use instead. We got to keep it until check out and could take it anywhere. Best part was that it was free!

I don’t believe you can reserve them ahead of time so they are first come first serve but ours was actually delivered to us from a neighboring resort after we requested it at the front desk.

We found the manual wheelchair for our 16 year old just as easy to push through the parks as the double stroller our toddlers were in. Plus since he could get out and walk some with his crutches the fact that the chair folded made it so much easier for crowded buses, etc.

Definitely check out to see if this is still an option.