Wheelchair vs. ECV?

Hey everyone. My family and I are headed to the parks in two weeks, and my mother just had surgery on her lungs 3 weeks ago. She’s doing great and can walk and doesn’t need oxygen tanks, but she does get winded easily. We’re certain we’ll need to rent her a wheelchair, but she’s thinking she may want an ECV. We’ve done WDW with a standard wheelchair before, and that’s not bad, but we’ve never done an ECV. Does anyone have any thoughts regarding a standard wheelchair vs ECV? Is one easier to move around the parks than the other? Is one easier to transfer in and out of most rides vs the other?

Have done both, and I really have notice no difference in accessibility between the two. We go with EVC now because pushing my wife all day just gets too tiring for me. You quickly learn just how many hills are in WDW that you normally wouldn’t notice…


Good to know. I forgot to ask this in my original post, but have you ever run out of battery? I read that a full day at EPCOT can drain the battery to empty.

We took the charger with us and were able to plug in for a charge. CM were super helpful finding us a location. Once we charges while dining.

ECV also offers more freedom. My mom did not feel guilty if she wanted to break away from us for a rest or shopping as she could move independently, not requiring one of us to leave.

Yes. Once at EP and once at MK. Staff brought a new one to us (in Germany and by the JC), but it was not terribly fast

We never ran out of battery but our longest days with no break were about 8am-6pm. Most days we took a break and always charged it. We took the charger everywhere but never used it except in our room.