Wheelchair etiquette

Does anyone know if its ok to collapse a wheel chair and carry it on the bus? My dad is having double knee replacement surgery next year and will need to use a wheelchair on our trip this November to help with the long days of walking, but is mobile and capable of getting on and off the busses himself. His pride is getting in the way of his comfort and doesnt want to hold people up or have anyone watch if he has to be loaded onto the busses. Thanks!

My mom was in a small transport wheelchair when we went in June. Most of the time we wheeled her on, but one day there were four scooters ahead of us and we didn’t want to wait for two more buses. We folded up the chair and had her walk on. The folded chair is no bigger than a stroller, so it didn’t seem to be a problem.

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Thanks :slight_smile:

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Yup, another one here. We were able to fold up my mom’s rented wheelchair and carry it on the bus. She’d had a knee replaced so she could walk slowly and navigate a few steps onto the bus, but just couldn’t do the parks all day without occasional breaks in the chair.

Consider a scouter rental instead. Pushing that chair will get exhausting and a scouter will allow more indepence.

That was my suggestion but he wasnt thrilled about having to wait to be loaded on and off the bus. He also doesn’t think he will need to use it the whole time. Basically he is just being stubborn about the whole thing :slight_smile: thanks!

He’s also not the one doing the pushing. Would he be willing to rent something at the park? Can he walk enough that he could get there without a chair and then rent?

He can walk, just not for that many hours/miles in a day. So my thought with the regular wheelchair is that we will have it to push him the longer distances/between lands and then park it with our stroller while we do rides in each land. If he had to be loaded onto the bus regardless of what type of wheelchair he gets then it makes more sense to just get the scooter. Just trying to find the best option for him to be happy and for me to not go crazy maintaining my patience :wink:

My son uses a wheelchair for longer distances. When he was little we had the stroller, then a foldable wheelchair that we would carry onto the bus. I was worried when he got his new wheelchair that doesn’t fold…dreading the wait to be loaded and unloaded each time. Wow was I wrong to be be worried! It was a breeze to load and unload, so much easier than folding and carrying a stroller or chair onto the bus! It was rare that we ever had to wait very long, and I don’t think it affected our travel time because if you’re loading onto the bus carrying your equipment, you’re probably having to wait for someone else’s scooter or wheelchair to load anyway. I say go for the scooter!


In our experience, we saw many times a family with a scooter that had to wait multiple buses until there was one that had room - a bus can only hold 2 scooters at a time. Also, my mom wanted the push-able wheelchair so she could push it herself sometimes and use it to stabilize herself, then sit in it when she was tired. It worked out perfectly for us.

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Same for my mom! Also, my mom has memory issues and isn’t capable enough to drive an ECV.

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My mom used a walker for those purposes. She was still independent, but able to sit. Like with wheechairs, she took it right up to the ride transfer area, didn’t park it with the strollers. It worked really well for her, because she could sit in the lines.