Wheelchair access while "standing" in line for rides in Disney World

Hi – I have cancer and can’t walk or stand for long time periods, so I’ll be in a wheelchair in the 4 parks. Are there any rides for which I CANNOT stay in the wheelchair while waiting in line?


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If there are, they will have alternate means to get you to the ride. They may give you a time to return instead of just standing there. Watch for Jungle Cruise entrance. It is down some steps, but there is a ramp off to the side. When in doubt, ask a CM. They will direct you.


Yes almost all of them have alternate entrances if you can’t go through the main queue. Some direct you through the FPP queue or a different queue, namely Living with the Land, Jungle Cruise, It’s a Small World, Spaceship Earth. Everything new you can go through the line, except Magic Carpets they wouldn’t let us take a scooter through (I think the CM may have been having a bad day that was the only one they were completely unhelpful).

Also, you won’t be able to take a wheel chair on the PeopleMover entrance, it’s a moving walkway that goes uphill.

Here is the mobility disability page on WDW’s website which lists the rides and requirements: https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/guest-services/mobility-disabilities/

And here are their guides you can download: Guides for Guests with Disabilities

Available at Guest Relations, these guides can also be downloaded in a printable format for each theme park:

As long as you have a wheelchair not a ECV you should be fine except the people mover. With a ECV you sometimes have to transfer to a manual wheelchair. I recommend watching Pammie Plus Parks on You-tube. She goes through just about every ride and talks about riding for guests with disabilities. She will let you know what rides have different entrances and vehicles so you might not have to get out of the wheelchair like: it’s a small world, living with the land and Midway Mania.

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