Wheel chair security at parks

Any inexpensive tips for preventing our daughter’s wheelchair from being stolen while we are on rides, etc? We have been to Disney World a few times with no problems, but a friend warned me of a recent surge in theft.

The best suggestion I have is to take pictures of it (all angles) and if it doesn’t have a serial number or other identifying number, have one engraved on it. Preferably somewhere inconspicuous, like under the seat or somewhere not immediately noticeable. This way, if it is taken, police/security have something to look for.

As far as an upswing in theft, don’t leave valuables hanging on it or sitting in the seat. A lot of “anti-theft” is making it look less desirable to a theif. People go to Disney with the “happiest place on Earth” mentality and sometimes leave their common sense behind. They leave a days worth of packages, their diaper bag with wallets, and other valuables behind with strollers and wheelchairs when in any other situation, they would never leave those things behind.

Sorry for the novel, I work for a school system and we are constantly warning kids of stuff like this.