What's your must-have item to pack?

Sooo… Other than the usual (clothes, comfortable shoes, hat, sunscreen), what is something you have found especially useful for a trip to WDW?
This will be our 1st time there, so, really, any ideas are most appreciated!

Portable phone/USB recharger

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I always try to pack light, so with that in mind, I generally bring a small box of laundry detergent. I don’t mind bunging a wash on a couple of times and waiting for it whilst hanging out at the pool/bar and the detergent that you get in the vending machine at the laundry room comes in tiny annoying packets.

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Ziploc bags in all sizes. They are good for snacks, keeping electronics dry and so many other things. I also bring a sharpie to mark water bottles and remaining balances on gift cards.

Ponchos of course, but I always pack an ultralight hiking pack towel. Folds up real small and is perfect for wiping up wet tram seats, tables and chairs after a rainstorm

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Body Glide. You can use it on your feet to help prevent blisters, and put it on any area that might chafe. Don’t forget wet clothes can chafe more as well, and walking around with chafed skin is NOT magical. :wink:

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Dollar store ponchos you can throw away, night lights for the hotel bathroom, ziplocs for sure, definitely portable phone charger, wet wipes and for laundry soap I did those tide “pods” so they were dry and small.

If you have small kids it was a great tip to take a jewel for philharmagic and a tennis ball for Soarin, glow sticks/bracelets from home and a lot of disney pins and a lanyard from amazon. I did a sharpie and masking tape to write my cell phone number on the inside of my kids shirts each day in case they got lost.

Outlet strip. Hotel rooms never have enough outlets in the right places.


You need a golf ball for Soarin’, not a tennis ball. Also, if your kids are very observant, draw a Mickey on the ball, because it’s on the ball in the movie.

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Shoot thanks - yeah totally meant golf ball :slight_smile:

Pack of wipes… I roll with kids :wink: easy to pack and wipe a hand, table or ice cream spill all over your shoes… Ugggg :wink:

Hey, no worries. Some days when playing I wish it was a tennis ball , it might be easier to hit :smiley:


They sell the Mickey Golfballs in most resort gift shops…if you can sneak and buy it there

Love, love, love these ideas! Thanks! I’m dutifully taking notes. Keep 'em coming…

Oh, and what kind of jewel/ what will it be used for? What will the golf ball be used for, too?

Golf ball: Liner Daily Tips Archive

Jewels: Liner Daily Tips Archive

I’m now hooked on packing cubes thanks to the advice of other liners. They are zippered mesh and nylon bags. I bought sets of three (one each of small, medium, and large) from ebags for each member of my family. Each person has their own color and their stuff stays organized throughout the trip.

A portable sunshade (that folds into a pretty small circle) for the rental car so I can actually touch the steering wheel if I need to drive in the middle of the day.

I’ll second the suggestion about a power strip, though I now have a smaller item that plugs into the wall, doubles the number of outlets, and has a separate place to plug in a USB cord for charging phones.

I also always travel with a stuffed monkey, though many others consider that optional.

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I just got a small bag of jewels in the aquarium section for ours. The kids where totally floored that all the adults caught them :slight_smile:

I thought of a few more things I was glad I had (all of which were recommended by Liners) - envelopes and small bills for housekeeping tips and a cheap pair of flip flops to carry in my backpack for everyone with tennis shoes to slip those on on the water rides to avoid wet shoes all day. And small dish soap to wash mugs, etc in the room and small bad of epsom salt to soaking feet (my daughter loved a spa in the tub at the end of each day in the bathtub).

Thanks for the great tips! We’re flying to WDW on Wednesday, and I just added Tide Pods, golf balls and plastic gems to my packing list!

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Thanks a bunch! So many things to consider.
I have also heard to pack misting fans. We’ll be at WDW in March. We’ve never been to Florida and, coming from the west coast, we aren’t really sure what to expect as far as weather goes. Are misting fans needed in March? How about rain jackets (other than ponchos for the rides)?