What's your favorite transpo from MCO if not using Magical Express?

We are staying at the Dolphin and, therefore, not using Magical Express. What methods have you used to get to your resort that you recommend? I assume Lyft/Uber is a popular choice. Do you request one when you land or wait until you have your luggage? Where do they meet you?

Is there another option you love more than Uber/Lyft from the airport?

If you go on the MCO app it tells you that you should request your rideshare (Lyft/Uber) upon arrival to the pickup spot.

I have never used it myself

The only way I’ve gotten to resort other than DME is rented vehicle which was super quick and easy

I’m planning on Lyft for that same situation. I don’t want to mess with Mears who might make multiple stops, and the clock will be ticking for us to get to Epcot asap.

I have rented cars, booked Happy Limo, and gotten Lyft from MCO. Happy Limo was great (my flight was delayed but they were waiting for me), Lyft was the cheapest option and was there within 5 minutes. The drivers wait in a lot and are there very quickly.


Happy Limo every time for us…I think Uber/Lyft might be a tad cheaper but knowing the car is there waiting for you is great

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I have taken both to Universal and Lyft has saved me almost $50 one way?

I just looked into HL since I had never heard of it, and I’m seeing about $90 one way at the low end vs about $40 for Lyft to the Boardwalk area, so this seems about right. Knowing now that Lyft is very fast to pick you up at MCO, I feel good about the cheaper option.

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When I booked Happy Limo I saved maybe $5 each way through a code in MouseSavers. The service was amazing and I wanted to have someone meet me at the airport with a sign (life goal), but Lyft/rental will always be my “go to”.


This alone might keep this option in the running for me. That could be a nice little surprise my DW wouldn’t expect and be a good start to the magic. Can I use “Disney math” to justify it if I’m not quite on property yet? :laughing:


Funny story! I surprised my DH and DS5 with a limo from LAX to Grand Californian for my son’s first ever trip to DL. I have the cutest pictures of them, my son still in his pajamas from the flight, my DH grinning ear to ear playing with all the buttons.

Just be careful. I sat facing them in the back getting a ton of pictures. Then I spent the first hour in the room horribly sick from motion sickness.

Absolutely. It makes for an extra memorable moment…a little extra Pixie Dust if you will.

That was the only trip I used a limo. The other times I either drove to DW, rented a car exactly once, and either used Lyft or took a taxi the rest of the time. I personally would Lyft there. I would suggest Minnie Vans…but stupid Covid.

Here’s a throwback to when MDE didn’t exist, our Kids were kids, vacations were cheaper and longer, planning didn’t require an 828 page operations manual with a companion computerized optimization model, and time pressure wasn’t a thing … I would get a one-day car rental from National at MCO, turn it back in at the Car Care center on WDW property and take a National shuttle back to the resort.

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I’ve taken Tiffany Towncars my last 2 trips and had great experiences. I’m not sure how their prices compare, but they’re excellent.

When we did our Disney cruise in 2001, DH, DS(then 12mos), and I got off the plane to find a fully decked out DCL cast member with our name on a sign. He then walked us to the spot where we had to check in and get on the buses.
It was awesome.


With Lyft/Uber (or any paid ride service that doesn’t meet you inside with a sign) you ALWAYS want to make sure you have your luggage and are at the designated pick-up spot before ordering it. They will only wait for 5 minutes before leaving and canceling your ride. And too many cancellations your account gets suspended for a bit.

Now there’s a blast from the past… On our first trip with our oldest 20 years ago, we used Tiffany Towncar. Kinda amazing that they’re still in business after ME was introduced. They were great!