What's your favorite Disney background music?


While at work I listen to subsonic radio because - Disney.
No matter what, when the Epcot Future World Innoventions area loop comes on, I’m transported to Orlando. My blood pressure goes down, and my mood is instantly brightened.
What’s your favorite music?


Wow, you may just have changed my life !!! :smiley:

How does it work exactly though ? Waht’s the difference between requests, background, staff picks ? It seems to all play the same thing whatever I click on. Can I choose something in particular or will it just play eventually ? Is it all a big loop and we can’t control it ?


I’m curious about this, too.


I know, right?!

When I click on a station such as Requests, Background, Staff Picks etc it automatically opens a new window in windows media player. I usually close out the player if I want to change stations. If you don’t, the new player will not override the existing player, making it seem like it’s playing the same music.

The Requests Queue shown on the main page lists the songs being played in Requests. If you become a member (not sure if it’s free?) you can make requests. That station is not a big loop. Some songs tend to play over day to day because they’re popular, but mostly it’s random. I don’t know how the other stations are populated, but they do seem to repeat songs from one day to the next, but not within the same day.


Awesome !!! Thanks !!! :smiley:


Illuminations pre and post show.


I listen to Disney Theme Park music on D-Cot. It’s a great Disney community. There’s music from all the parks - Disney World, Disney Land, and some from overseas parks, some of the resorts, plus they have different forums and things. It’s great.


Yes! I’m pretty much a sucker for anything Epcot.


This may be the “wrong” way to answer the question, but I tend to love both DParkRadio.com and Sorcerer Radio (srsounds.com) for background listening.


Everything said here. The Innoventions Music and Illuminations pre-show music are my go-tos.


I hadn’t heard of dparkradio, thanks!


I bought an epcot cassette tape(!) when I was in elementary school with the tapestry of nations and illuminations soundtracks - the tape is long gone but nothing else transports me back to the disney world of my childhood like those!


i love this!