What's wrong?

I’m working on Touring plan for November and I’m getting the message “this plan may not get you to all of your attractions before leaving the park” but I can’t figure out why. The message that says you may not get there exactly on time doesn’t bother me because I figure, just walk faster, but this one usually me and it won’t work but I can’t figure out why. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Did you use optimize? I noticed you have big gaps of time between your FPP attractions. Maybe make a copy and hit optimize. See what happens. Are you using a regular ticket and a party ticket for entry that day?

Hmm, I don’t see any issues with your plan even being close to packing too many things in. It even has 24 minutes free time after Belle, and 68 minutes free after Mine Train!

When I feel like the system is being a bit buggy, I often Optimize a few times in a row to see if it gets any kinks out.

Ah, AuntB beat me to the Optimize suggestion by a mickeysecond!


The only other thing I see is the party ticket is good 4-midnight. Your plan starts before that.

Yes we are using regular and party ticket. I know it’s a waste but package came with 4 day tix and we will only be there 4 days. It’s tough because MVMCP is a must, dinner at BOG is a must and FPP have to be 1 hour apart, right? Also trying to keep walking to a minimum. BFF and I celebrating turning 50 years young, and not in the best of shape. Lol!

Thanks JJT. When I try optimize, it always ups our walking time, and we don’t mind waiting as long as we get to do everything. Free time we can use for soaking up the atmosphere.

Thinking about it - it could be that once you override any optimize, the system displays the “this plan may not get you to all of your attractions” message just to warn that it is not what TP has as the best method.

I just recreated your plan and tried out my theory and I think that might be the issue - seems like the warning is more of a “We didn’t create this plan so you’re on your own!” message than really telling you there’s not enough time.

Your plan looks like something I would create - good clustering of rides in one area, etc - and you have plenty of free time in between a couple of those rides, so I’d just go with it.

Have a great trip!
My DW is turning 50 too a few weeks before our July trip, so I’ll bet getting her a Birthday button. :slight_smile:

Happy birthday to your DW! And thanks for taking the time to try out your theory. I will keep it the way it is, I’ve just never seen that message without an obvious problem and thought I might be oveooking something.

Nevermind… I can’t tell time!:blush: