What's with the purple wall?

I must be missing something. What is up with the purple wall at MK?

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It’s this big Instagram thing. The color is supposed to great for taking photos so all these teens and young adults seem to flock there at MK to take photos and post them. My DD 18 always has to do it too.

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Yes, my 12 yr old knows all about the “walls” and says we have to find all of them and take selfies for Instagram while we are there.

I googled it as I’d heard the phrase but really didn’t understand the context. Apparently DIS updated the Purple Wall recently:

And here’s another with the old purple wall & the other good walls at DIS for photos:


Just feel like you spend all the money, why not take a picture in front of the reasons you go to MK, not a wall lol
Thankfully my kids are too little for this :stuck_out_tongue:

From a pure photo perspective, it does make for a much better portrait. Solid background with no other people to detract from the subject. From a souvenir/travel photo perspective though it does little to portray a sense of place to tell you where the photo was taken though. I can certainly see a certain appeal, depending on what you’re going for though…


I suppose if it is for Instagram, “souvenir” doesn’t really play a part. Instagram isn’t really about preserving memories, but “bragging” about current ongoing events (in a way).

At least, that’s how I see it.

There is a purple wall in my town! It’s in an alleyway so pictures have to be from the size but it’s still pretty.

I think the lavender shade of the wall looks good with all skin tones and that’s why it’s so popular.

well I get the flattering wall for pictures now, but didn’t realize at first it was an Instagram thing…