What's up with WL room availability?

We are planning a trip the last week in April. With the new specials it seems there aren’t many rooms available at WL–esp. Woods view rooms? Does anyone know why? Anything going on that week?

If you are trying to book with the discount, Disney has limited availability for those rooms. The resort might not be full, but there might not be any rooms left that qualify for the discount. Hopefully that makes sense?

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agreeing with @theredhead each resort only has “x” number of rooms that they can book at the discounted price. Once that lot has booked up they will appear to have no more available rooms at that price. If you try WL at regular price there may be rooms that pop up.

Keep checking! It seems as if availability is different day to day! I could not find YC on Monday but there were rooms on Tuesday.

Thanks. I will.

I heard they pulled a lot of woods view rooms from inventory since so many of them would be impacted by construction.

I just played with some dates. There are only CL rooms on my week but there are rooms from April 27-May 3rd. Have you considered a split stay?

I was wondering if they pulled woods rooms due to construction. I also just read that they will be turning some upper floor rooms into DVC rooms. I did get 3 woods view rooms yesterday. Hoping to get a 2 room villa or a studio and 1 bedroom since we hav 7 in our party. With the 35% VISA discount on Villas it would be cheaper than Woods view rooms. But haven’t found villas yet. A cast member said that the DVC may not have released rooms yet. Still hopeful. Thanks for all the input!

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