What's up with Simpsons Ride wait times?


In preparation for my trip to UOR at the end of the month for HHN, I've been checking in on the wait times on Lines every once in a while. What I'm noticing is that The Simpsons Ride is looking like one of the biggest bottlenecks in either park; worse than Forbidden Journey and Gringotts, worse than Minion Mayhem, and on a par with Kong. What gives? Are they operating fewer ride vehicles? Does anyone know?


Simpsons is a very slow loader with super low hourly capacity. My kids waited 35 mins with exp pass . Plus once you get inside there is a holding area that your are held in for around 10 mins with Simpsons movie clips etc. Its the old back to the future ride. If you search you should find info on hourly capacity v other rides.


we had express pass and even with that Simpson's was a wait - yeah - it is a low capacity ride - but fun


We waited 35 mins one night with Express Pass too - standby wait was posted 25, we got straight into the loading area and stopped! The next day we waited about 10 minutes.


The wait is long but they do have old Simpsons bits on a loop. We only rode it once because of the wait.