What's up with Mr Kamal's?

I would love to get falafel at Mr Kamals, but it’s not listed at https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/dining/animal-kingdom/ with the other kiosks. It’s still there, right?

Can anybody help here?

That is weird. As far as I know it’s still there.

I found this. Supposedly a 2019 map:

2019 AK map

But… you know… the internet isn’t always reliable.

Does anyone happen to have a map from a recent visit?

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Thanks! I have a backup restaurant in mind, but I’m hoping for some falafel!

They also have falafel at Tangierine Cafe and Skipper Canteen, if you need a falafel fix.

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I looked for my map, but can’t put my hands on it right away. Sorry. I found MK, HS, and Disney Springs, though. LOL! I’m sure that’s not helpful.

Just found the map for AK from last week and Mr. Kamal is on it.


It was also mentioned in a recent (12/22) Disney Food Blog post about snacks that were available through 1/2/19.


As a fellow falafel enthusiast, I’m glad it seems to still be there. :slight_smile:

Thanks! I hadn’t looked at Skipper Canteen, but I’ll pull up their menu now! Tangierine Café is already on my list!

@SirGreggLadyV Thank you for checking your map!

@ErinMN Looks like they took falafel off the menu though. Bummer! We were also interested in getting the seasoned fries.

Oh, shoot. (Maybe I can hope that was just temporary, during their holiday dining thing?) Well, thankfully I have a Skipper Canteen ADR, and I always stop in Morocco.

I hope you enjoy the fries! They sound interesting.

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Reviving this thread - I’m headed to Disney Thursday morning and was just fine-tuning my snacking plans. Can’t find Mr. Kamal’s on the Disney site anywhere! Can anyone assuage my panic and confirm that it is in fact still open?

Josh at easywdw reviewed the seasonal fries with dipping sauces from Mr Kamals only yesterday, so I would have confidence it’s still there. Menu seemed to be seasonal fries or chicken dumplings.

It shows on the current AK map, but I couldn’t find it on the WDW site. Their search function did not find it, and it’s not listed on their AK dining list.