What's the best time to

go to Disney World? Is October good or what???

Not a simple question to answer, because there are so many aspects to consider. For me, temperature is the most important factor, so for that reason I refuse to go June-September. Crowds are the second factor, so that’s a second reason to avoid the summer - along with Christmas week, Easter, and Spring Break. My favorite time to go is mid Nov to mid December (except for Thanksgiving week); reasonable crowds, cooler temperatures, and the Christmas decorations are up. October would be a bit warmer than November, but the crowds should still be reasonable. You won’t see the Christmas decorations, but the Halloween stuff will be going on as well as F&W at EP.

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We went during November last year (typical we were spring people) and I think I found my new favorite time to visit

That is getting harder and harder.

I am going right after labor day. So it should be a bit quiet.

The best seems to be right after a major holiday. Right after new years. Right after thanksgiving. Right after back to school seem to be when It is most quiet.

Disney does good at keeping it busy at all times.

October has been getting busier. The mnsshp keeps it packed.

Weve been in October twice over school breaks. It is definitely getting busier - was not the quiet time I expected. Weather was fantastic. Halloween party awesome. But Epcot on the weekend with food and wine is a non-starter for me . made that mistake once with my kids. I will never go to epcot on a weekend during F&W again, even without kids. So many factors to consider.

I am considering November for my next trip a few years from now (going this May as well). Is there free dining in November or is it over by then?

Free dining isn’t really a constant, so there MIGHT be free dining depending on your November dates.

We just went President’s Day week. It was awesome. There were some wicked crowded days. If I could, I would go one of the first two weeks February. The weather is spectacular and the crowds should be moderate compared to most times of the year. We can only go during school vacations or summer since DW is a teacher. We’ve been over April, 4th of July and February. We prefer February and are already planning our return next February.