What's the best room for WL Boulder Ridge?

I am staying there this next Thanksgiving week. I just have a studio. Trying to figure out what the best room is. When we went before, I thought staying on the ground floor would be ideal due to having to take luggage around, etc. but that was at AoA. With the views at WL, I want to soak it all in. We will be spending most of the time in the parks, so the room doesn’t matter THAT much to us, but if we have a choice, which room would you pick and why?

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OK, this will be a little long, but I did a ton of research on this when we stayed (note this is before they created Copper Creek, but I don’t think that there have been any significant changes to the BR building).

Per http://yourfirstvisit.net/2011/02/07/review-the-villas-at-disneys-wilderness-lodge/
The most convenient rooms are 1501-1505 and 1507.

  • These rooms are the closest to the Wilderness Lodge lobby, and accessible by an entry door that serves only first floor rooms, making for the shortest walk both there and back, and also the shortest walk to the bus stops.
  • They are a mix of studios and one bedrooms; the one bedrooms can be combined with a studio into a two bedroom.
  • As first floor rooms, they have patios, not balconies. Note: avoid 1509—though well-located for convenience, it abuts the ice machine and guest laundry and may be subject to noise from these.

Rooms with the best view:

  • Odd numbered fifth floor rooms 5533 and up have great views of Bay Lake. The lower numbered of these are more convenient, because they are closer to the elevator. One of these is a one bedroom; the rest are two bedrooms.
  • Fourth floor odd numbered rooms 4531 and higher also have good views, but with more studios and one-bedrooms available. The lower numbered of these are closer to the elevator.

Best mix of view and convenience:

  • 4511, a two bedroom, has a moderately good view of Bay Lake, and is equidistant between the elevators and a stairwell that presents the shortest walk to the lobby of the Lodge and the bus stops. You can’t use this stairwell coming back, but need to go to the elevator instead.
  • 4507, also a two-bedroom, is the next best.

Worst Places to Stay at the Villas at the Wilderness Lodge

  • All first floor rooms have patios, not balconies.
  • A certain group of even numbered rooms are in the shorter wing of the Villas, and overlook the walkway between it and the Lodge.
  • This walkway is planked in such a way to in effect create corrugations. The roar of the wheels of rolling bags over these planks will keep some up at night.
  • Rooms with such problems include even numbers 1506-1516, 2508-2514, 3506-3514, and 4508 to 4514.

Per the UG:

  • Quietest: southernmost building, water view rooms facing east
  • Views: odd-numbered 2531-2563 and 3531-3563 which open to the northeast lakeside

We were staying in a studio, so we requested as follows:

  • An odd-numbered room from x531 to x563 on as high a floor as possible -or-
  • An odd-numbered room from x505 to x521 on as high a floor as possible

Are you staying through DVC or a regular WDW booking? If you are staying through DVC call member services and have them put the request on your reservation (or ask the DVC owner to do this for you).


Also, here is a floor plan of the BR building:
wlvillas_map.pdf (252.6 KB)


I rented through David’s Vacation club, so I don’t know if I can ask the owner. I thought I could make the request through touring plans. What I am understanding you to say is that I cannot make a request, correct?

You can make the request through TP, but “officially” all DVC requests have to go through Member Services. I would contact David’s and see if they can get you in touch with the owner to have a request made, but also set up a TP Fax with the same request details.


I will try that. Thanks for your help. As I said, the room view isn’t going to make or break our trip, but it will be a nice addition. Thanks!

We rented through David’s and then requested room 4531 through TP and got it. I sent TP photo which they uploaded - it’s the one without construction :slight_smile: I wanted something in a quiet area with a view. It was absolutely gorgeous. Good luck!

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We recently rented points and stayed at Boardwalk Villas. I requested a room through the TP fax, and we got our exact request. It works!


Just to make something clear about my prior statement - TP faxes definitely work for DVC, as plenty of people can attest to. However, some CMs will tell you that they should not work, and that you have to go through Member Services. I’d rather be safe than sorry and plan on doing both.


This floor plan is great. I’d like something similar for Boardwalk Villas. Know where I could find that?

How about this?

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Was looking at this room? It looks slightly bigger than other studios. Just checking if this is true? We are going in December!!!

Hi! I can’t say if it’s bigger or not but the location was fantastic. Very quiet. Have a magical time!!