What's open for eats at CA Adventure that's yummy?

Looking for tips on what to eat on Buena Vista Street.

Two weeks ago, Governor Newsom lifted the stay at home order for CA! This means that we can travel around the state again, for the most part. I will go to southern CA for an overnight trip to visit DS and DD next weekend, Sunday-Monday. I’m hoping to go to Downtown Disney and Buena Vista Street in CA Adventure. It looks like Buena Vista Street is open for dining. Now, we have to pay $10 for parking. It used to be free for 3-hours.

While the stay at home order has lifted for almost the entire State, 3 counties still have quarantine requirements if traveling more than 150 miles or something similar: Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Santa Clara. Unfortunately, DH works in person in Santa Clara County and his employer enforces the County’s quarantine requirements. He has to fill out a survey with the travel question everyday and have his temperature taken before going into his building. 10-day quarantine doesn’t work out if you have to go to work in person. We still have a few days for Santa Clara County to lift the quarantine requirements.

We hope to go to southern CA again at the end of March for more days. If the quarantine requirements for Santa Clara County doesn’t lift this week, hopefully it will lift by then. :pleading_face: Let’s not even begin on DLR opening…


I was thinking about flying down to meet DD20 and going to DCA. I was just planning on eating at Smokejumper’s Grill. We’ve never eaten there, it’s QS, love the Soarin’ area of the park … I hope you can go! Not sure I’m going to make it since other things are coming up, but maybe!


I just saw this today!! I think it will be alot like what Knotts offered. I can not wait. Rumor also is Main
Main Street in Disneyland might open while this ticketed event in DCA is going on!


Nice! I will definitely try to make it down there for that! If nothing else, to support the CM’s returning. Yay!


I think tomorrow they will be dropping the AP preview reservations for that new Star Wars trading post. Wonderground is also reopening. I really like that Wandavision photo op that is available in DCA too. If my DD and I can get in we will be taking the Amtrak down for the day. Hoping to get into Carthay Circle if we get there early enough!! :heart_eyes: Their food is amazing

Smokejumpers is pretty good too. I usually get the chili with a side a beer :heart_eyes:

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