What's On Your Packing List?

We are two weeks out! I am starting to get all my tidbits in order and packed! What’s on your packing list must have?

Our newest addition, neck fans! We purchased them online and wore them outside with our masks and they are PERFECT to keep your face cool in the heat with a mask on.


neck fans?

please say more…

oh yes, they are amazing! They are wireless and rechargeable and soooo light. Amazon, search for neck fan. We got ones without blades because if my hair were to get caught, i would be done! lol They have three speeds as well!


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Those look awesome! But between my glasses, my mask and the neck fan, I’d strangle myself.


Do they not, somehow, cause the germs to circulate out that we are trying to keep behind the mask?


Our masks have filters in them so, not sure. Honestly only the N95 respirator is the only thing tested to keep droplets where they need to be in all situations.

I’m bringing disinfecting wipes and hands sanitizer to have in my park bag but that’s just me

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I assumed that was a given, haha. We have that too!

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I’m just glad I won’t be the only one wiping down everything I get near. I already bring wipes when I fly normally lol
I had a little portable fan I was thinking of bringing but just grabbed one of the ones you posted. I also have ear savers/mask holders things so that I don’t have to have the band be on my ear all day

Ear saver! I need that! I just went on amazon and purchased some more sanitizing wipes for the plane. We have our trusty disney parks misting fan as well as the neck ones lol. We are ready!

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I am wondering if the ear savers will be “allowed” as the guidance around masks specifically says that they should loop over the ears

I have used an ear saver from time to time here at work and I will say the mask is not 100% secure with it, more prone to unexpectedly slipping; I wouldn’t ride a ride with it

I bought some cooling neck gaiters from Office Max on a whim, thought about sewing some ties on them to keep them up in hopes they will pass muster covering nose and mouth. I’ll be watching to see what they allow and what not after 7/11. Then again maybe I’ll take them back…:face_with_monocle:

It looks as tho a portable charger with short cables is more important than ever in the parks.

We really don’t like to travel without a power strip for the room, to help keep everything charged.

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Thermometer and Tylenol :rofl:


I am thinking food. Is there no food being sold in the parks. No restaurants. Quick service closed. Are we going to have to go to our hotel for food midday. I am thinking PB and J.

Restaurants Reopening:
Restaurants NOT Reopening:

Do they not take reservations at Skipper Canteen. I couldn’t make one.

In-Park Dining
At this time, dining reservations are not available for in-park dining experiences. Reservations will resume at a later date.

Before the virus my plan was quick service and lounges. Nomad, Trader Sam, patio at Brown derby. I hope the lounges are still open