What's in $150 Coupon Book?

If you buy a multi-day park pass directly online, Universal’s site says you get a $150 coupon book. It only gave a very, very brief snip on what is in the coupon book. We do not absolutely need the 2 day 2 park pass and can do just fine with 2 qty one day park passes that are about $180 less for our family of 4 than the 2 day 2 park passes. Just trying to see if that coupon book could tilt us over to the multi-day option. What are the dining and merchandise discounts offered?


Coupon book is pretty rubbish no good discounts in it as far as I remember. Plus in the past you have been able to pick up similar in citywalk sometimes free of charge. If you don’t plan on riding the hogwarts express and are happy with 1 park per day then save your money.

Your view of this is what I’ve been seeing online elsewhere as well. Thanks for the response.

try buying at undercovertourist.com. I was going to buy via Universal to get the coupon book - but have found it isn’t worth it. Undercovertourist.com has great discount and they are legit