What's a realistic per-day budget for my cruise, excluding shore excursions?

Assuming tips are $12/person/day, how much should I budget for other meals, drinks, souvenirs, etc.?

Adult only dining at Palo will be $25/per person plus gratuity. Remy is $75/per person plus gratuity. On DCL you can bring your own adult beverages on with you in your carry on. Other wise prices are in line with most of the bars at WDW a beer is around $6-$8 I believe? I've seen adult tshirts on board start at $25 and go up from there. Ornaments $12-$20 etc

For shore excursions prices are listed on the DCL website and will vary depending on what you want to do and age ranges on your group

We don't drink so our budget was easy, add that in if you do. But we budgeted for adult dining once, and $20 per day for souvenirs per person. I'm also too cheap to buy popcorn at the movies (seriously even at home but I'll drop a couple G's on a vacation like its nothing) and the other snacks too. Maybe budget another $10 per day for that stuff.