What would your strategy be?

We have reservations at DLH July 24-27…so after the required reservation time for SWGE. We’ll have 4 day park hopper tickets with MaxPass. I know it’s just hypothetical at this point but I always learn so much from those of you who are Disney experts! Will our best chance of seeing SWGE at that point be to just head straight there for EMH? I wonder if TP will be updated by then to help give us a sense of how to plan our time?

Appreciate any advice and suggestions!

For now (as always with Disney this is subject to change) but for now, SWGE is not included in EMH at Disneyland. (It will be at WDW but not at DL). I don’t know if/when they will be updating the TP plans but I imagine sometime early in July? They are making plans for the 2020 UG Books that have plans so hopefully it will all work out to include SWGE.

Also, the rumor is that after the reservation time is over, there will be a way to join a “virtual queue” for entry to SWGE that they are calling a “boarding pass”. This will be within the the Disneyland App, presumably only after your ticket has been scanned into the park for the day similar to the restriction in place to purchase/activate MaxPass for the day.

The app will then notify you of when your “boarding pass” time is approaching and it will be completely subject to capacity of the land. Important to note that unlike the reservations for the first 3 weeks they will not be limiting time guests who enter in the morning spend in the land & therefore, there will be no specific time tied to your “boarding pass”. But rather, as capacity allows you will enter in the order that you joined the virtual queue.

What that means for the morning though if you can only join once you have entered the park? Not so sure & maybe it’ll be easier to go first thing than that?? But again this is all TBD!!


This is such helpful info! I didn’t realize that SWGE would not be included in EMH or the “Virtual Queue” rumor. Thanks for sharing! Fingers crossed we’ll be able to enter SWGE.

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May the “Fourth” be with you!