What would you do if APs return

So our family has talked about buying AP if they start selling them before 2022. We have talked about going for everyone la birthday in one year while we have APs. So the real question is what month should the first trip be?

DD4 (January)
DD7 (March)
Me (March) 9 days apart on our birthdays
DD5 (May)
DW (September).

My DH’s AP expired outside of WDW’s window to allow covid reinstatement soooo we would buy one for him so we can go together every week. I’m the only one with an AP right now and am learning to like going alone. :stuck_out_tongue:

I know several AP holders who go mainly for the festivals and AP-only merch during them. So, if you could time the first trip with a fun festival, you can go again within the next year all on the same AP. You’d hit everyone’s birthday during the time too, and potentially double up on the “It’s My Birthday” button for one lucky person if you timed it just right (assuming you celebrated late/early on one of them).

Also…you could throw an anniversary in there if you could swing it.


Sorry speed reading doesn’t support comprehension. I misunderstood your question. If you’re going for everyone’s birthday it wouldn’t matter when u activated your year. I think it would be fun to celebrate the new year by starting out in January. Sounds like you have a great idea no matter where you start out or end.


So the idea first started when we went in January 2020 for DD2s birthday when she turned 3 (so she was free and we got away with booking a normal room at pop which probably saved us $4,000 total). Since she celebrated her birthday at Disney the other two asked if we could go for their birthdays. We live in Illinois so we would be flying down each time. The first time we went for 9 days but I do not think all the trips will be that long.

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I really like this idea! We live in Texas and I don’t think it would be practical for us to fly to Disney 6 times in a year for us, so we’ve decided that when each kiddo turns 10 we will do a blowout 2 week trip. Our first one is scheduled for March 2022.

Would you want to do any other trips besides the birthdays? Anniversary? Halloween? Christmas?

Ultimately I don’t think it really matters when you start the AP. I would probably start with the January one myself and make it “the year of the Disney birthdays!”


Anniversary is in April so we would probably not do that if we were going in March and April. I think January might make the most sense for a couple of reasons

  1. Hopefully a free dining deal or something like that. Then we can convert package tickets over to AP.
  2. Would allow the most time for us to sneak in extra trips in the summer or holidays at the end of the year
  3. First trip with APs should have fairly low crowds.

Only negative with January is that daughter already had a birthday at Disney World so we may catch some heat for the other two. Ha.

Just tell them she was too young to remember!

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I would go for DD7’s birthday starting the day after her birthday, maybe even combine it for a week-long trip for your birthday. Then the next year you could go again up to the day of DD’s birthday. You could celebrate your next birthday a week later in conjunction with that trip. :slight_smile:


I like that idea because then it would be trips in
And maybe March