What would you do? - First Timers to DL/DCA looking for advice/opinions

Hi Everyone!

My husband and I are planning a trip to DL/DCA for our first time ever in May 2019. We are planning to do a 4 day park hopper, a 5 night hotel visit. If you financially could stay on property would you choose to do it vs staying off site? Why/why not? To me the extra morning magic option is very appealing and one of the top reasons I would choose on property accommodations. We will also be celebrating our 5 year anniversary if that makes any difference in your opinion. Thanks in advance for your input!

I personally would stay on-site and would recommend DLH. I LOVE having ee every morning. I also love the “bubble” feel of staying on property. Some argue that you really don’t get that feeling on-site at DLR, but for us, we do. YMMV.

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Yes. If money were not an issue, I would definitely stay on property. DLR is so small that being able to walk out your hotel door and be in a park in 10-15 minutes is definitely magical.

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Yep, I agree. Onsite is awesome if your budget allows it and we prefer DLH.

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Yes, definitely. The only reason I don’t stay onsite every trip is price. I go 3 times a year generally, but if I only went once a year, it would definitely be onsite.


I would definitely on property if money weren’t an issue. We have stayed at the GC several times and absolutely love it.

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Another vote to stay on property. Like others have said, I love being surrounded by the Disney experience. Early morning is another reason. Our favorite hotel is DLH. The only reason we stay off-site is because it is less-expensive.

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If budget is not a concern, ONSITE ALL THE WAY!

The only reason we stay offsite is similar to @Wahoohokie, it just allows us to go more frequently & feed our addiction! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

For just the 2 of you the Grand Californian would be very romantic plus has Napa Rose which is probably the best anniversary dinner celebration restaurant onsite. DLH does have that classic Disney feel and has Trader Sam’s and Steakhouse 55 (also a great option for an anniversary) onsite. For the record, I would dine at all of the above on an adult only anniversary trip and also add in Blue Bayou and ALL of the lounges (Carthay Circle Lounge, Lamplight Lounge, Hearthstone Lounge).


Thanks everyone!! Based on this it sounds like we are staying onsite! Based on budget I am probably going to go with Disneyland Hotel. I am loving all of the dining recommendations as well!

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Be aware, the DLH pool area will be undergoing refurbs until May

Thanks for the heads up!