What we would need to have ready-July/August 2020

I really wish WDW would come out and just tell us what to have ready for when the park reservation system and other temporary changes begin. I am anticipating a FPP type window that magically opens up and sure hope you are available when it does, so it would sure be nice to have things at least somewhat organized for when that occurs.
I am a seasoned planner for WDW but just throw us a bone on if we need to know what park we would like on certain days, if there is a maximum day allotment, will it be possible to attend two parks if capacity not met, will I have somewhere to sleep, do I have to pay extra for air conditioning, and if the pool will be open at my resort.
The drip campaign of communication is something I would expect from a small organization not sure how to handle, not a Company as large as Disney as they have been closed since March 16.


I honestly believe they are doing all of this as fast as they can and as soon as they have solid information and timelines to share, they will.

It’s really hard to be waiting for information and unable to plan, especially for us hardcore planners!

someone in another thread shared a link to a blog post about how WDW will be different. It was lovely how the author explained that we might have a once-in-a-lifetime chance to experience WDW at our leisure, be random, relax and enjoy the parks w/o BIG crowds… and all w/o a plan ;). I can’t wait to lollygag around, I hope I get a chance to experience WDW w/o making a detailed itinerary like I have for the past years.


They’re still trying to work out the new system from what I hear. The reason they’re likely not announcing anything right now is because they aren’t 100% sure how it will work. They’re moving as fast as they can. I think for all of us with trips booked in July/August, we need to be patient and roll with the punches. At this point, I’ll just be happy to be there.

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I remember our trips in '86, '87, '88. No need to RD, we had no ADRs made, you.walked along with no real crowds and rode attractions as you got to them, no zigzagging around the park. Somehow there was time for the kids to play in the pool each day.


So I sat my family down for a planning session with the little we know this weekend and one huge change that jumped out at me was that other than our arrival and departure day (only one park is open after we arrive, we want to be “close to home” on our departure day) is that since there’s no EMH and the hours are the same every day, what day of the week really doesn’t matter. Ideally, we would like to not attend the same park two days in a row, but there’s not really an advantage of one day over another.

In our case, (we are going in mid-July), MK has Extra Morning Magic. I think the day you go in that scenario matters. We feel like all rides are going to be virtual. Like ROTR, you will get a time window to come back. With EMM, you get a chance to ride some of the headliners as often as you want plus get a breakfast on the back end. So if that is going on, it might be worth considering.

I’m afraid they are not going to have EMM for awhile.

This was my childhood at Disney. It was great. And this is what my husband expected it to be when we went last year, and he couldn’t understand why I did so much planning. However, he came around when we had an amazing trip and got to see/do everything we wanted with minimal lines. I do miss how leisurely it was as a kid though.


My SiL had not been to WDW in about 20 years. He didn’t understand why there was so much planning. He questioned some of the backtracking because he didn’t understand about show times or the opening time of World Showcase compared to the front of the park. My DD set him straight and told him if he wanted to question my planning, then he should have done some research.

Thank you all for the responses! This is our summer vacation before my daughter goes back to school in mid-August (fingers crossed). I just would like to know a little more about what is possible (swimming, parks, etc.) so we can make an informed decision on WDW in late July/August.
I totally agree on the spontaneity being a plus, however if there are severe limitations on other ambiance that matters as well, as any Disney trip is not inexpensive.

We will see. In their announcement they referred to Extra Magic Hours but not to Extra Morning Magic. It is still showing in their park hours calendar so we will see ……. I guess it is too early to assume anything at this point!