What was your AK touring plan method?

Trying to figure out our day st AK. We have a FP for FOP at 12 . Is doing Navi right before/after a good option or should we do it later based on crowds ? What worked for you?

Unless you do Navi at rope drop I think you will face a very long queue

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Maybe not very long but much longer than necessary. Do it at rope drop.

I would do NRJ at rope drop. We did that yesterday and it was a walk-on. People can be a little crazy at RD, so be prepared. Then I’d head up to the Safari, over to EE and down to Dinoland. Then back over to Pandora for your FoP FP and lunch and to enjoy Pandora.

I agree with @sarahraegraham, but would also add into the plan the times for the shows - Especially The Lion King.

I have had good luck with short waits for NRJ in the late evening (much shorter than predicted). I am here at WDW now and have done NRJ twice (Friday night and Sunday night). Both rides were around 7:30 in the evening. My wait was only 20 min on Friday, significantly shorter than both the posted standby time (75 min) and the estimated time on Lines (67 min). Last night (Sunday) the posted wait was 45 min but I was on in about 25.

On Friday, I did FoP at RD, then a second time using my evening FP. Had dinner at Satu’li and strolled around Pandora in the dark, then hopped in line for NRJ and was out in plenty of time for my FP window for RoL. This worked out really well for me and I loved getting to see Pandora both in the morning and at night (and riding FoP twice without a 3-hour wait!).

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I was thinking NRJ would be a good rope drop ride. However it also might give me a good reason to go back to Pandora at night

We experienced this as well. Got in line for NRJ around 7:45 this past Sunday night when posted was 45 minutes and we waited 13.

NRJ at rope drop was walk on for us as nearly everyone headed to FoP. However if I was just doing one day at AK I would ride Everest 3 times at rope drop, head over to Kili Safari and skip NRJ!

Although the rest of my family love EE and wanted to keep going on it

It’s the one ride I went on in July when I didn’t feel safe

I don’t like the idea of any ride going backwards with the potential of hitting a ride vehicle coming the other way

I’m sure it can’t possibly happen but there is just something about that ride that got me worried!