What type of transportation for our Sep 21 -27, 2019 trip

With SWGE opening at the end of August, I am rethinking our transportation. Original plans were to use only Disney transportation. We have never stayed on property so I truly wanted to have that experience from the Airport, to the Parks and being in the Disney bubble. But with the increase in the crowds, I do not want to miss RD’s, ADR’s and have to wait for multiple buses. So should we just rent a car at the airport? Take the magic bus to our resort (Port Orleans Riverside) and then rent a car at WDW Transportation Center that will get us to and from the Parks? Using buses and Ubers? However, will the Ubers be slower due to the crowd levels? Or just stick to our original plans? Your thoughts or advice. Yikes, I have so many concerns since the SWGE announcement!! Thanks in advance.

I have no answers for you as I have the same concerns for my Sept 26-30 trip. I want to be magical by riding DME etc, but i may break down and get a car. May find some good deals closer to the trip also.

Thanks for your reply. A vacation should not be this hard! Our Disney party is 4 adults and it was suppose to be a fun and relaxing time. Who knew Disney would throw a wrench in my planning. Maybe someone will have some great advice for both of us. Wishing you a magical time on your vacation.

I can’t speak for the impact that SWGE will have because no one knows how it’ll go! But — I can say that we’ve rented a car the last 2 times, and will again next weekend when we’re there.

I totally get the ease of Disney transportation, but there’s something that’s just so lovely and convenient about having a car to jump into. Sure, parking at the parks often means taking the little shuttle tram (which, fun fact, I TOTALLY thought was a legit ride when I was younger). But especially in getting to the parks early, and traveling between resorts, having a car is totally worth it. Also, since we’re two adults, we don’t have to worry about car seats. And I can usually find a not too expensive deal using autoslash’s price tracking.

Have you ever rented from WDW Transportation Center? I compared the rental prices Airport vs WDW Trans Center and I was surprised that WDW was cheaper. But I am sure I could find a better deal online use codes. My hesitation about taking the magic bus from the Airport to our resorts and then renting car from WDW is that I read somewhere that we have to leave the resort 3 hours before our return flight home. And that’s a long time sitting around an Airport. However, I have no idea if that is true. I truly think renting a car would be the best considering all the SWGE unknowns. So i guess I will just have to tact on another 300.00 to 400.00 to the budget for car rental and hotel parking! Thanks for your reply and advice. Have a great and magical time next weekend!!