What Toiletries are at beach club?

Wondering if there is shampoo only? Or conditioner? Or a combined product? Body wash? Thanks!

Bathroom Amenities (shampoo, conditioner, hand/body lotion, bath & facial soap)

When are you staying at Beach Club @AliceInChicagoland?

August 24 - sept 1

So I don’t need to bring conditioner but I do need to bring shower gel (don’t like bar soap)?

Oooh, close but not quite close enough. We arrive at BC on 9/6. Have a great time! Be sure to post a trip report!

Think the combo is a value thing. I have Dis body wash but think that’s from DLR. Haven’t stayed in a WDW deluxe in a couple years so can’t remember. Of course, H2O soap is available at all levels.

You know. I’m pretty sure that all deluxes have body wash gel now because I have some in my trial sizes bag of goodies that I have collected. Maybe my list was old? I just copied it from somewhere.

I’m planning on it! Live trip report for the first time!

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I am almost positive BC has bodywash, but I am staying there this weekend and can confirm. I will dutifully document all toiletries for you.

Thanks @KeliJ

I hope you guys have an amazing trip!

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