What to wear/pack for December Christmas trip 2020?

I need your help everyone! This is our first time in December and I’m freaking out a little about the weather and what to pack. I’ve read the horror stories of those who packed more for warm weather, only to end up buying new (very expensive) outfits when they got there. And those who brought warmer clothes only to suffocate in the heat.

We are from KC, so our temps at the airport as we leave will be frigid 30s (maybe). I will have to pack a coat of some kind just to make it through to the airport. But I’m pondering a lighter coat or hoodie that will pack up nicely in my carry on later. And what about the precipitation in December? Every other trip we’ve taken it has rained.

The current weather report for our week (Dec 19-26) says highs of 72 and lows in mid 50s with little to no rain. I just don’t know what to expect. What has been your experiences with December weather?

As always, thanks for the help!

December (and winter in general) weather can be all over the place. Your best bet is to keep a close eye on the forecast in the final week before your trip and pack accordingly. It’s the time of year when you really do need to pack a little of everything, unfortunately.

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We just got back 4.5 days. Coldest day high of 55, warmest day high around 74. Someone else mentioned layers and Im glad I did this! Short sleeve shirt, long sleeve shirt and mid weight jacket. We packed a couple long sleeve thermals in case it was warm and we didnt do said long sleeve shirt or short sleeve shirt. Twice were used them at the parks while being comfortable during the mid day temps. Also, some of the indoor ride queues were very warm. I had too keep taking my jacket off. I get cold easily. DH was fine with short sleeve shirts and a mid to light weight jacket. Only on the coldest day did he put a thermal shirt under his tshirt and it was the evening, after sunset. 2 days I wore thermals under a short or long sleeve shirt with a jacket, all day.

I was afraid someone was going to say that this is the case. :slightly_frowning_face: The kids are going with us this time, and I know they will be asking for help to pack. It’s so hard to offer help when I don’t even know what I should be packing. But thanks for the input! I appreciate it!

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This is very helpful, thanks! I suppose several lightweight layers could help, even if we have to peel them off one at a time.

I would tie around my waste and tie DHs jacket around one or both of the straps of the backpack

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Dress in layers :wink: I’d wear long pants or capris and wear a jacket (w/ pockets) that can be easily taken on/off as needed w/ temp changes. Easy Peasy.

edited to add: wear a shirt under your jacket… I feel I have to say this with all the wise guys around here :wink: :rofl:


Thanks! It sounds like layers are the way to go.

And I promise to wear a shirt under my jacket :rofl:

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Liners have said it all. Some of everything and layers.

We were there last year. We went to MVMCP and it was in the 70s at 1 AM. It was a shorts and tee/tank type of day and night. I didn’t get to wear my holiday sweatshirt. The next day, it was shorts and tee until the evening. We had dinner at Three Bridges, in the middle of the lake. It was in the low 60s and windy. Their heat lamps weren’t working! We were so cold and I was longing for my sweatshirt! Yes, layers and don’t be like us who got lulled by the hot weather the day before!

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Orlando has had a few days of record lows. Tonight is supposed to be one of them. We were cold after dark today at MK even with a few layers. Lots of people were wearing winter puffer coats, hats, and a few scarfs. It was okay in the sun, but in shade we felt chilled.

So definitely plan to layer and have a light weight coat or jacket for mornings or evenings. I had a small backpack that I just stuffed our sweatshirts or jackets into as it warmed, but we pulled them out several times.

Weather reports were initially warmer, then cooler and ended up kind of all over the place in reality. Never wore shorts, although my wife wore capris on the couple days with highs in the mid 70s.

I’m thinking this trip may require a “jacket” backpack and a park backpack. We will have 5 people with us, and with all the layers being peeled off throughout the day, this is going to be tough. Thanks for the input!

I live locally now and have yet to wear long sleeves this winter. As others have said light layers are the way to go. A short sleeve or 3/4 length knit jacket/sweater over a t-shirt with leggings is my go to right now. It’s only cold enough for a heavy sweatshirt in the early AM or late PM.

BTW, this morning it was 38° but this weekend the high will be 80°.:laughing: Seriously, though, the weather has been SO nice. It’s a great time to visit FL.

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It was on this day 3 years ago where it was 40 and we thought we were going to freeze to death in the Magic Kingdom…and that’s on coming from Canada :joy: I’m pretty sure they made a killing selling blankets that day. Layers are a must, you just don’t know what you will get. (The night before when we arrived in Orlando, it was a balmy 75)


We bought some awesome mittens in Canada last January when temps dropped into 30s with a worse windchill.

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