What to Expect on a Visit

Hi Everyone,

I was wondering for those who have traveled to WDW during the pandemic if you could let me know what to expect with social distancing and if you felt it diminished your experience at all? Additionally are wait times better or worse than a “normal” visit? I don’t think they’re using Fast Passes right now at WDW, are they? Trying to get an idea of what DLR might look like when it opens and if it’s worth a trip. I know they’re going to cap attendance at around 20,000 - just don’t know what that will look like!

Thanks everyone!

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I don’t know if anyone is complaining about the social distancing aspect, except for not being able to meet characters up close. I love not having people right on me in line - I hope that stays forever!


The answer to your question greatly depends on what you value on your vacation.

The following are the cons - if these are important, you may want to delay:

  • No character meet & greets
  • No full parades (only small, unannounced “cavalcades”)
  • No fireworks
  • Few or diminished live stage shows
  • No FPP (for those savvy enough to take full advantage)


  • Reduced overall crowds
  • Lines average ~30 min but move fast
  • No worrying about pre-booking or dealing with FPP day of
  • Impromptu cavalcades require less planning and scoping out a spot than full parades
  • Sense of security since everyone is wearing a mask (better than equivalent local activities)
  • Focus on riding rides rather than worrying about hitting entertainment, M&Gs

Overall, I don’t think anyone who goes is complaining about the social distancing itself. Those who don’t like COVID Disney are mostly those who really miss the reduced or eliminated offerings. Those who dislike masks are unlikely to go at all.

Hope this helps!


Ditto pretty much all of this.

I will say, we went twice. Once in August for 3 days Universal and 6 days at Disney. Then my wife and I went back in December at Disney for 9 days. We are going back to Universal in May for 4 days.


We went in December. Social distancing did not diminish the experience at all, it kind of made it nice actually! The kids loved seeing the characters, and did mention that they wished they could give them a hug and have a more personal visit, but they also expressed great happiness at being able to see them in the cavalcades and modified character dining. The rides had plexiglass on them, but I didn’t mind on most of them, and neither did the kids. We sat in the back row behind the plexiglass on rise of the resistance, and I still cried from all the feel goods that were going on, so I’d say I still had a good time :smile: I did feel that with masks we had to coordinate snacks and water breaks with the kids a lot more, but I wouldn’t say that it was a negative thing, just a thing to think about.

We did not find lines to be bad at all, in fact we were able to rides that we had never ridden before because of their insane wait times previously. We never waited more than 45 minutes for anything; I think our longest wait time was for Slinky Dog Dash, but we still rode it (and everything else at HS) twice


we have done (3) WDW trips during Covid and May 2021 will be #4.

It is different, less “spectacular” Even though WDW is open, a lot of individual places, shops, restaurants, shows, performances, resorts are closed. some are favorite spots of ours, that we miss.

I’ve told family and friends it is worth going … however, this is not the time for blow-out-budget disney vacations. Keep expectations lower, and keep budgets lower.

The masks in Florida heat and humidity was the most difficult to get used to. Find a comfortable mask.

AS a side note, travelling during covid, through major airports, and WDW, no one in our family has gotten sick from the flu, a cold, or covid. Just be vigilant, even when others are not.

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Thanks so much! Just to clarify - FPP means Fast Pass?

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Thank you to everyone for your input! You’ve all kind of validated my own feelings about going - it sounds like you need to be prepared for visiting during this time to be a different experience, but it can still be a good one!


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Yes, Fastpass Plus for WDW. It’s just Fastpass or Maxpass at Disneyland, which I believe you said you were planning for (it will probably also be out of commission there).

This is my 6th trip since this whole mess started. I will say the crowds have been getting progressively heavier. Sure the wait times are not long but trying to social distance while walking around the parks is next to impossible.

There are so many places where the attraction queues are in most case spilling out into the pathways. This makes for a lot of congestion especially around the normal choke points. It is something to be aware of if this might make you uncomfortable. Yesterday afternoon we ended up leaving MK just because it was making DW uncomfortable. I am meeting up with friends next week. After being here in December they won’t even go to MK this time.

Mornings are great but once the crowds build they stay until later in the day. Not an issue in Epcot at all with all the space. Same for the most part with AK. Mk, AK and Disney Springs can get very busy

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Agree with your assessment. We’ve been going into the parks monthly since July. We no longer go to DS due to crowds and mask :mask: usage issues. DS is most crowded around WWoD.

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