What to eat upon arrival at Beach Club

Our plane is scheduled to arrive MCO 7:40pm 1/21. Then we have to gather our luggage and get an Uber to Beach Club. I guess that puts us there around 8:30 or 9pm, if all goes well.

I’d like recommendations on what to do to eat at that time, without leaving Beach Club.

My sister and I arrived a bit earlier than that and ate at Big River Grille over at Boardwalk, just a short walk from BC. You have to call to join the list - the number is on the restaurant’s page at the WDW site or app. It was decent. I wouldn’t go out of my way to eat there again but it was a good option for our needs for something more substantial than what we might get in the Marketplace in the hotel itself. We never did get anything to eat there so I can’t say whether that would be a good option or not, or even if they are open as late as that at this time.

Otherwise there’s not much in the way of options there. You could check the pizza window at Boardwalk as well. Otherwise maybe get something in the airport — that may be your safest bet.

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I think since you don’t want to leave Beach Club, then Beaches & Cream is a pretty safe bet to be open (until 11pm?) if you run into a snafu and get there later than you hope. If you expand to a very short walk to either Boardwalk, or Swan/Dolphin, you might have more choices at that time.


If you don’t want to leave the Beach Club then I would either book a Beaches & Cream ADR for late or simply order something to be delivered once you arrive.

If it were me I’d order 2 to go orders from Ale & Compass of their parker house rolls and drinks. Follow that up with some ice cream from Beaches & Cream. But it is lunchtime and I am starving, so that may just be my stomach talking.


Cape May’s Cafe is right in the Beach Club though I am unsure how late they are open. It used to be one of our favorite places to eat as it was a buffet. Before covid it was all the crab legs you could eat and many other seafood favorites. Now however it is Family style and the crab legs are gone. In my opinion what you now get is not worth the price you pay. Of coarse in WDW prices are all extreme. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

We got a few meals from the quick service in YC and took the food to our rooms. Market at Ale and Compass. Food was fine, there were a few options, both pick up from the display case and MO.

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